Buy Baby Clothes And Get Good Deals!

Buy baby clothes and get good deals! Learn how, when, and where to find the best deals on infants clothing. You don't have to spend a fortune to make it look like you did!

You want your new baby to have the best of everything: this includes clothes. Too many times though we are forced to only have the best for important days out. I will let you in on the little secret of saving money while purchasing the best clothes for everyday.

Most of us find ourselves going only to the local discount department stores thinking that they will always be the cheapest, while in fact you could be spending more for a no-name brand when you could spend less at the major department stores and malls. Many people don't realize that these major department stores order more product than they will ever be able to sell at retail prices. The clothing will usually begin to go on sale within one to two weeks of being put on display. Right there you will save anywhere from ten to fifteen percent or more. They may not be marked with a discounted sticker, but will ring up at a lower cost. Also, some stores will offer a coupon for an additional savings on top of the new sale price. You need to look in your local paper to find these or just simply ask if you may sign up to be on a mailing list for the flyers.

If you are a person who thinks ahead, there are even more savings in store for you! If you go to the department stores and mall at the end of a season, the next season's product is already there.

The stores need to make room for the new clothing and have no room to store the previous season's clothes. They will then reduce infant clothing and place it on a rack for quick sale. These savings could be up to and more than seventy-five percent. All you have to do is figure what age your child will be at the beginning of that same season next year and double it for the correct size. For example, if your baby is one month old at the end of this summer, you will want to purchase clothing in a size twenty-four months or two toddler. In most cases this will be very accurate, however if your baby is smaller than average, you may want to take one size away or if your baby is bigger than average, try adding one size. The savings you will get by purchasing clothes a year in advance will be tremendous.

If you're not one that likes to shop ahead, there are consignment stores. A lot of new consignment stores are geared specifically for infants and small children. The consignment stores will usally only hvae clothes out for the season that they are entering. Many people bring thier gently used or barely used baby clothes there for extra money. These clothes are carefully inspected and must be prelaundered. They then will be placed out on the racks for purchasing. Some items actually come in with the tags still on from the store that they were originally purchased at and you can actually see the savings you will get. Most clothes at consignment stores will be priced at or under ten dollars! Bigger items such as snowsuits may be slightly more, but still a lot less than the major stores that just got them in. Consignment stores are also a great way to exchange your growing infants old clothes for either cash or for "new" clothes for your baby.

Another great place to find great prices on barely used infant clothing would be at a garage sale. People trying to make more room for thier families will often have a yard sale and place thier baby's clothes that they have outgrown out for sale. Although it may take a few yard sales to hit the jackpot, when you do you could easily pay anywhere from a quarter and up for a piece of clothing! Not only will you have fun looking at everything, but you will be outside enjoying the day with your baby. The sunlight is excellant for spotting spots, also.

A final way for you to save on the price of clothing for you infant would be to place a want ad in your community paper. Be specific when doing this, though. Make sure you say what sex you want and what size. This will make someone see your ad and remember that they have a box or more of clothes in the attic. When you receive calls remember to ask for the sizes, how much they want for the clothes, the condition, and what brands they might have if name brands matter to you, remember it is easier to say no thank you over the phone than in person.

If saving money matters to you, these guidelines for buying infants' clothing should surely help. Remember that name brands are usually made a little better than what you may find at your local discount department stores. They tend to hold the shape better, they usually don't fade, and the styles are more likley not to go out of date as fast. Try these ways next time you shop for your baby and I will guarantee that you will never pay full price again!

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