How to Buy Flowers

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  • Overview

    Flowers add color to our life. They brighten up a room as well as our spirit, beautify a wedding or convey our deepest sympathy at a funeral. They are easy to find. The challenges are deciding where to buy them and how to pick the right ones, with so many colors and scents available.
    • Step 1

      Determine the reason for your purchase. For weddings and funerals, use a reputable florist who can deliver at the right time and place. For something more informal, such as a birthday or "pick-me-up," you may decide a bouquet at the corner store is fine.
    • Step 2

      Choose the company you will buy from. Whether you are shopping locally or online, ask about their guarantee and refund policy. Payment options are another consideration. If you want to see what the arrangement will look like, pick a florist who offers photos online. If you order online, make sure the website is easy to navigate with a user-friendly shopping cart and check-out.

    • Step 3

      Consider the cost. Unless you are set on a specific flower, find out which ones are in season. For example, tulips, if the florist has them, will be more expensive in the fall, while finding a poinsettia may be impossible in the summer. Ask about any specials. Greenery and baby's breath are inexpensive fillers that give a bouquet a full, polished look. This can help stretch your dollar.
    • Step 4

      Select the flowers. Once you have narrowed it down to what fits your budget, decide which arrangement you want. If you know the recipient's favorite flowers or color, your job will be easier. One consideration is the life of a flower. If you want it to last, go with hardier flowers, such as roses and carnations. Keep in mind that some have a delightful scent, while others have none at all. Let the florist know if this is important to you.
    • Step 5

      Ask the florist. She can advise you on the arrangement and help you stay within your budget. Some florists will even handle international orders. Their work is a reflection of them.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Tip: Cut stems at an angle with a sharp knife and put in water immediately.
    • Tip: Always use the packet of flower food from the florist to help the blooms live longer.
    • Tip: Change the water every 2 days to keep them fresh.
    • Tip: A penny in the vase will revive droopy tulips.

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