How To Buy And Sell Rare Books

How to sell and buy rare books, make a sizeable extra income buying and selling rare old books and have a great time doing it too!

Why buy and sell old books?

Old books can be profitable reading, profitable selling. If you would like a side business that gives you great joy and produces extra income, a hobby that provides you with hours of cultural experiences or an opportunity to gain a wealth of wisdom and experiences you wouldn't find elsewhere, the rare book trade is for you.

Where and how to acquire rare, old books.

Local libraries often advertise sales of old books which can be acquired for 50 cents a piece or less or even free for the taking. Simply take the lot or check dates and quality. About any book from the early or pre 1900s in fair condition will eventually fetch 10 or more times what you pay for it at these prices. Also try flea markets and fire sales, estate sales and auctions.

Pricing old books.

Go to your favorite search engine and search for collector's websites. You will find a host of rare book dealers who's lists will give you an idea of what any book is going for if listed. Many of these have search engines for searching against the title you have. Try rare book pricing guides, always the most recent year, which you can loan out from the local library. Go to your favorite online book seller and use their search utility like a search engine, finding the titles and ISBN information to help you find which books on rare book pricing you should be reading and what to request from your librarian.

Selling old books.

To really sell old books on the cheap, sell them online at your own e-commerce website you can get free from any number of sites offering this service. You can accept credit card payments online and I'd recommend having pictures of the books as well, all angles. If you have ample storage facilities for the books and plan to care for them, you may as well be the highest priced place on the block than the lowest. Once everyone else's wares are gone, your copy will be the last one left and worth every penny. In any case old books will generally rise in price rather than fall, as they become rare. They will almost certainly do that as books in paper media gradually give way to electronic and electronically stored productions such as CDs and DVDs.

The fun!

The fun comes in as you discover new venues for acquiring and selling your treasures. Who knows what catacombs (or at least attics) await you to discover some 400-year-old treasure? As an example of new ways to sell you might hold a wine tasting sponsored by a local wine distributor, collector or connoisseur and offer your books for sale or auction center stage at high prices behind protective glass cases?

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