How to Buy a Treadmill

By Andrew Smith

  • Overview

    Running on a treadmill helps you burn calories, lose weight and tone and strengthen your legs, glutes and abdomen. Owning your own treadmill gives the added bonus of doing all of these things while in the comfort of your own home. As with many exercise machines, however, a treadmill is a serious investment. There are several things to consider before you purchase your treadmill. Use the steps below to buy the best treadmill for you and your fitness needs.
    • Step 1

      Begin by setting a budget. A treadmill can cost you anywhere between $500 and roughly $1500 depending on the type of treadmill you buy. Determining how much you want to spend on your treadmill will help you better narrow your options while shopping.
    • Step 2

      Determine where you are going to put your treadmill to have a better idea of how large the machine can be. You may also want to consider purchasing a treadmill that can be stored away if you don't want the treadmill to be out in the open in your home at all times.

    • Step 3

      Choose a treadmill with a running deck that is right for you. Taller people and runners with longer legs need a running deck that is longer (around 60 inches in length) than what is found on a standard treadmill. If you have difficulty running in a straight line while on a treadmill, buy a treadmill with a running deck that is 25 to 30 inches in width.
    • Step 4

      Buy a treadmill with the right motor for your needs. The most important thing to know about the motor of your treadmill is the "continuous rate" of the motor. If you will be the only person using the treadmill and you'll be using it every other day, a treadmill motor with a 1.5 horsepower continuous rate will be fine. Somebody buying a treadmill for their entire household or a person who runs on her treadmill 30 minutes everyday will want a motor closer to 2.0 horsepower continuous rate.
    • Step 5

      Think about your fitness goals before you buy a treadmill. If you want to own a treadmill to run indoors, you won't need a treadmill that has any special features. A person who is looking to train on a treadmill, however, wants a machine that offers different workout programs.
    • Step 6

      Get a warranty on both the treadmill and the treadmill motor. This protects you in case the electronics in the machine fail or your entire treadmill motor malfunctions. Get an 18 and 36 month warranty on both items, depending on how much you want to spend on warranties.
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    • Tip: Read treadmill user reviews before you purchase a machine. These reviews, written by individuals just like you, can help you make a smarter decision when purchasing a treadmill. Treadmill Review and Treadmill Doctor (see Resources below) both offer reviews for practically every brand of treadmill on the market. Use your favorite search engine to locate even more treadmill reviews.
    • Tip: Shop for a treadmill online. Many companies offer discounts on both the machine and shipping when you buy online. If you have any questions about these discounts or sales, you can email or call the customer service department of the company.

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