Buying A Light Bulb Changer

Changing a light bulb, indoors or outdoors, does not have to be a hazardous project.

Changing a light bulb doesn't have to be a major ordeal. But some folks can no longer use a ladder. Sometimes, it is just too much effort to climb up, carry the bulb, and steady the ladder alone; or maybe an ankle or knee injury makes it impossible to climb a ladder or step up on a stool. Maybe the person doing the bulb changing doesn't even have a ladder! Or maybe, heights are just too scary altogether.

Well, don't worry; the dark areas can be easily lighted. Rejoice in the fact that someone invented, and now hardware stores sell, light bulb changers. There are several brands of light bulb changers available nationwide. Choose one that has a telescoping six-foot handle that extends to 12 feet in length. This changer helps to brighten most dark areas of any property, whether inside or out.

Most changers have three changeable, screw-on head attachments for different-sized bulbs. These attachments screw onto the handle and then have a rubber tipped circle that expands using springs to fit around the light bulb. The springs help hold the bulb inside the attachment. The rubber portion grabs the bulb securely so that unscrewing the bulb can be done from the ground, no ladder necessary! And the pole with any attachment installed only weighs about 5 pounds, so even the elderly person can use it with ease. Storage of this changer is also easy, it is not even as wide as a broom and about as tall, so it fits into any corner or closet.

The first attachment, used for the floodlights outside the building, is the largest attachment. Simply twist the handle and telescope it as far as necessary and re-twist tightly in place. Then push the attachment onto the light bulb and when it covers the bulb, twist the light bulb out of its socket. Then bring the bulb down and replace it with a new bulb. Next, put the bulb up into the socket and twist it back into place. Removing the bulb changer is as easy as slowly pulling it off the bulb. Ta-da! The bulb is changed, no ladder needed, no risk of falling, and the bulb works. No more darkness.

The second attachment is for indoor use on common household light bulbs. It works the same way as the outdoor bulb changer. Unscrew the large attachment and screw on the smaller one. It also has the rubber grips and springs and works quickly. No chair needed.

The telescoping handle on this bulb changer makes it easy to change even atrium lights in recessed ceilings. The last attachment is for recessed lighting in those small holes that hands cannot fit into. It is much smaller than the other two attachments and is used the same way.

Using this light bulb changer with the three different attachments saves a person's back, neck and sanity. They are relatively inexpensive, starting at around $10.00 at most major hardware stores.

As a side note, these telescoping bulb-changers are also useful in retrieving items that have gotten stuck in trees and the large attachment can be used to get jars and cans off top shelves in the garage or kitchen.

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