Buying Maternity Clothes That Will Fit Your Budget Cheap

Found out you're pregnant? You will soon need to start searching for maternity clothes, so here are some ideas to stay within your budget.

When you realize you are pregnant, you go through a whole range of emotions. You are nervous, especially if this is your first pregnancy. You will feel elated when you start thinking of all the wonderful things you will teach your baby when she arrives. And, unless you are independently wealthy, you will probably feel a little anxious about the financial situation that comes along with having a new baby. Will your budget be able to expand a bit for all of the new baby items like clothes, diapers, food and daycare? In addition, there are some other items you will need to invest in even before the baby arrives, including some maternity clothes. Unless you are planning on cutting slits on the sides of all of your shirts or ripping out the elastic and seams on all of your pants to allow room for your expanding belly, you will probably want to buy a few maternity clothes. Here are a few ideas on buying maternity clothes that your budget will be happy with.

* Look through your newspapers or drive around and find some garage sales. Chances are, if you hit up enough garage sales or flea markets, you will come across one that has a woman selling her old maternity clothes. The deal with maternity clothes is that a pregnant woman does not invest in them to wear forever, but rather, for a few short months. Unless she plans on having more kids, she is pretty much done with them after she has a baby; thus, many women are more than willing to sell their maternity clothes. If you do not normally frequent garage sales and are a bit worried about buying clothes from one, think of it this way. 1) Maternity clothes have a short closet life and the woman probably only wore each piece a few times in the few short months that she needed them. 2) You can always have the clothes dry cleaned for a nominal price if you want. Ultimately, this will be much less expensive than buying all new clothes.

* Hit up friends and family members who have been pregnant. Usually, most women are more than happy to provide their newly pregnant friend or family member with some of their old maternity clothes. If they are still thinking of having kids in the future, let them know that you are willing to simply borrow them and will give them back as soon as the baby is born and you no longer need them.

* If you go to an online auction site, chances are you will find tons of women who are selling their maternity clothes. The great thing about bidding on maternity clothes is that most women sell their maternity clothes in lots. What this means is that they are not just selling one piece of maternity clothing. They usually are selling a few maternity outfits and will ship them altogether, which will save you money instead of ordering several pieces separately. Many auction sites give you the option to bid or to simply make an offer to the seller to buy a lot of maternity clothes.

* Finally, if you have looked through all of these options and find you still need to shop at a store, be sure to shop for some classic pieces of clothing. Get shirts that can be worn with both skirts and jeans. Buy skirts that are solid black or blue, not skirts that have loud prints that can only be worn with a certain shirt. In other words, try to get clothes that can be easily mixed and matched, so you eliminate the need to have a ton of maternity clothes.

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