Buying A New Refrigerator

These are things to look for when buying a new refrigerator

Sometimes people do not stop to think what they should look for when they are picking out a new refrigerator. Since a refrigerator really is big expense, it is not something that you are going to want to have to replace in a few years.

You are going to want to buy one that will last long enough for you to get your money's worth. If you pick the right one to begin with you should not have to purchase another one for a long time.

The following are some of the things that you should look for when you are selecting your new refrigerator:

The most important thing when selecting a refrigerator is to make sure it is big enough for the family that it is going to be serving.

Color is important too, but let's face it, you can get most any color that you want now and most people have gone back to basic white or black. If you have another color that you need to coordinate with the other appliances in your kitchen, you should ask the sales person if the one you select comes in different colors. Usually at the appliance store it says right on the front what colors you can get the particular model you are looking at.

Compare them all in size and in price. A lot of times some of the bigger stores have sales on them and you can get a bigger one with more features cheaper then a smaller one with less features. You have to watch the ad papers. They usually come out in the Sunday papers.

Do not be afraid to pull out all the drawers to see how easy the mechanisms work and check to see how easy it would be to fit a jug of milk or large liter of soda in it. Some of them you have to literally cram the jugs in or place them on the side.

Check the freezer section also to see if it will fit your families needs. If you do not have a regular freezer then you really need to make sure that you can get in as much food as you are going to need to for your family. Some of the newer refrigerators that seem to be quite large on the outside have little freezer space in them and are not really all that convenient for a large family or even a small one that has no second freezer to use .

Take a look in there and see how easy it looks to clean..Do the shelves come out easy. Do they look like they are made of a substance that is easy to clean.

Many of the new refrigerators now have glass. Those are always very easy to clean. Also the ones with the real slick plastic that they have now.

You have to make sure when you are buying a refrigerator that the door opens on the correct side and that there is enough space in your kitchen to put the refrigerator itself.

Measure the space on the sides and top of the refrigerator to make sure it will fit under your cabinets or the area that you plan to keep it in. It is a good idea to take the measurements with you when you go shopping for one.

Check the shelves to see how easy they are to remove and to adjust. Don''t let the salesman do this for you. Do it yourself. That is the only way you are going to know how easy it will be for you to remove and clean them.

Do you want one that has water and ice in the door. Check to see how sturdy those mechanisms are. Also while you are at it. Check to see if there is a lock on those features. Little kids love to push on those and squirt water all over the place. It is nice when you can lock them to avoid a soaked child and a wet floor.

Don''t be afraid to open them all up and look inside to see which ones you like best.

All of the refrigerators that we looked at were energy efficient so that is not so much of an issue anymore. I think that is federally mandated and they have to be.

Good Luck on your search for a new refrigerator and ask the salesman all the questions you want. That is what he is there for. He or she wont mind a bit.

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