Buying The Perfect Swimsuit For Large-Breasted Women

Choosing a swimsuit for a full-breasted figure will be less stressful if you consider these key tips.

The variety of swimsuits on the market today can make it difficult for a full-busted woman to find the right suit without being overwhelmed. Arming yourself with a few important tips ahead of time will cut down on your shopping stress.

The first thing you will want to consider is your budget.There is no sense in shopping for suits out of your price range.You may be able to get a good idea of what will fit nicely, and look for that style in a lower price range, but the last thing you want to do though is fall in love with a piece that you cannot afford and then feel you are settling for something else.You will not feel comfortable in the lesser suit, and discomfort will lead to not feeling confident.

After deciding on a budget, find a time that you can shop and relax.Feeling rushed will add to your stress and cloud your judgment.Consider taking along a trusted friend or family member to help you in your decision.If this may sound like something you would dread, take into account that it would be better for one close friend to see you in a horrible suit, that to misjudge and have the entire world see you in that same horrible suit.

Now that you are ready to shop, you will first want to take into account the print of the suit.If you are trying to draw attention away from your top half, then you want to look for solid, dark colored on the top of the suit.If you can find a suit with a bold color or print on bottom, that will immediately draw the eye downward, away from the bust.Begin your shopping trip by eliminating all of the suits that do not fit into the proper color and print criteria.

Next, look for a suit that is going to offer you a lot of structure and support.If you can find a suit with a built-in bra, you are already a step ahead of the game.Choose suits that are made with a thicker, supportive fabric at the top and that contain spandex.This will minimize the bust and offer control.You will also want to consider the type of strap the suit has.T-back or razor back straps are great because they will not slip down your shoulders.Suits that have an extra clasp near the bottom of the neck also keep straps from moving around.At the very least, you want a suit with thicker straps to offer extra support.

When choosing possible suit contenders, consider the cut of the suit and how it will fit on your body.A suit that is cut high on the chest and shows little cleavage will minimize the bust and keep any embarrassing mishaps from occurring.Suits that are cut higher under the arm also offer more support and will cut down on underarm bulge.Many suits that have built-in bras may also offer additional boning, or supports, in the sides.This will also "lock" your breasts into place and give a minimizing effect.

If a large chest is the only figure flaw you are concerned about, you may want to consider a two piece.This opens up a lot of options, especially when you are now able to mix and match tops and bottoms.If you are not too excited about a plain dark color one-piece, you could pair this in a top with a fun print or bright color on the bottom.It also allows you to choose a conservative cut on top and be a little more daring with the bottom.Keep in mind though; you may want to balance the top and bottom.If things seem off-kilter with a structured top and a skimpy bottom, try to pair fuller pieces together.

If you can find a suit that you are comfortable in, but you still feel a bit exposed up top, look for a cover up to pair with your suit.A flowy, light-weight shirt will look stylish and will give you an hour glass look.If you feel your supportive, conservative suit needs a touch of femininity, add a sarong or scarf around your hips.This also serves to draw the attention away from your chest and to the lower half of your body.You will also find that it covers figure flaws below the waste and accentuates your curves.

While swimsuit shopping may not be the most fun type of shopping, you can minimize the stress by preparing yourself.Knowing what styles, cuts and colors will compliment your figure best will cut down on time and disappointment.The most important thing you can do is find a suit that makes you feel comfortable and as if you are putting your best and most stylish self out into the world.

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