Buying A Used Couch

A used couch can be a great buy and a great asset to your decor. Follow a few simple guidelines and find the one that is right for you.

Previously owned furnishings are a great way to stretch the budget when there is a need and not a lot of money to meet the necessity. Since not all of us are gifted with friends and relatives that are willing to allow us to go shopping in their homes, we often need to look elsewhere to secure our treasures.

For most of us, a couch is a staple in our living rooms. The space doesn't seem complete without one. Fortunately, when faced with the need to purchase a couch and not spend a great deal of money, there are several places we can look.

Before beginning to look for your used couch, it is important to determine what your hopes are for finding one that will be right for you. Three of the most important factors would be color, size, and style.

Taking into consideration the color scheme of your existing space, come up with at least three different colors that would be acceptable. Keep in mind that should you be interested in a print of some kind on the upholstery that you will want one of those three colors to be prominent in the pattern. The color scheme for the couch should be one that will blend with what you have already begun to do in the room, and work well with the carpeting and draperies you have in place.

To determine the size range that will work in your space, arrange the contents of the room to allow for immediate placement of a couch. Measure the length of the space you have set aside. Take into consideration what other pieces will be grouped immediately around the couch, such as end tables and lamps. If possible, allow for a range of several inches to accommodate a slightly larger or smaller couch.

The style of the couch will also be important. While many living rooms are composed of an eclectic collection of pieces, what draws them all together and makes the room coherent and inviting is the fact that the pieces complement one another. While you may see a Queen Anne sofa that is a great price, and just the right length, don't buy it if the majority of your pieces are more contemporary and low-backed. If you do, be prepared to find yourself re-doing the entire room to match your couch.

Once you are ready to hit the pavement and begin looking, make the rounds of the flea markets and charity shops in your area. While once these were dumping grounds for outdated items that no one would be caught dead with, many have gone upscale and have a wide selection of couches available. Often, the charity shops will have restuffed and reupholstered couches that were donated, so there is little concern about the need to have the couch professionally cleaned after your purchase. With flea markets, some cleaning may be necessary.

Yard sales are another good source of furniture, including sofas. Pay particular attention to yard sales involving persons who are relocating. They may need to empty their homes quickly, and be open to some old fashioned haggling over the price.

Once you have located a couch that meets yours sense of style, is a size that will fit into your room nicely, and is an acceptable color scheme, there are two more essential elements to consider before purchasing: comfort and durability.

A couch that looks nice is fine for a room that will see little action. However, if the couch in question is going to be used daily, make sure the upholstery is in good condition and the frame is secure. If there is any wobble in the frame, do not buy it, no matter what anyone tells you about how easy it would be to tighten the structure. In order to do so, chances are you will have to release or cut part of the fabric, thus creating still more work for yourself. Plus, most couches are put together with a combination of wood and metal frames. There is no guarantee that you would be able to successfully tighten whatever has worn loose.

In like manner, there is no point in having a working couch that is uncomfortable. Make sure the seat and back cushions properly absorb the weight of your body and provide you with an inviting place to sit. No one wants to be delegated to sit on a piece of furniture that reminds them of a bed of rocks, even for a few minutes. Test the springs in the seat to make sure you will receive proper support. They also should not emit a loud squeak every time someone sits, or when someone shifts their weight on the couch. If you have any reservations about the long term comfort of the couch, then keep looking until you find one that will meet your criteria.

Buying a used couch can be a wonderful way to stretch your budget, allowing you resources to purchase other items you need for your home. With some patience and the employment of a few simple check points, you can be assured that you will enjoy your used treasure for many years to come.

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