Who Buys the Man's Wedding Ring?

By Shamontiel Vaughn

  • Overview

    Sometimes you'll see a man with a wedding ring on; sometimes you won't. At one point, men weren't wearing wedding bands at all, but it caught on in popularity during the 1900s. While it's far more popular for a woman to wear a wedding band and ring, weddings have a certain section that says "With this ring, I thee wed," and it doesn't mean the husband is excluded. But who should buy the wedding ring for him, even if he doesn't wear the ring all the time?
    Who Buys the Man's Wedding Ring?
  • Significance of Her Buying the Ring

    Buying a ring is an expensive and special gift to celebrate the vows and bond between two people, not one. So if the bond is supposed to be between two people, the wife can buy the ring as a gift to him the same way he would present her ring when he proposes.
  • Benefits of Him Buying His Own Ring

    Keep in mind that this ring has to be worn forever, and usually when people want to wear something long-term, they pick it out and buy it themselves. A man can buy his own wedding ring so he'll know exactly what he's looking for (gold versus silver, diamond versus no jewels).
  • Tradition

    It's a tradition that the wife's family pays for the entire wedding. If you are the traditional type, the bride should buy the husband's ring after confirming his ring size and style.
  • Size

    Take the husband to the jewelry shop of choice to make sure this ring fits perfectly. Wedding rings are far too expensive to slide off and yet should allow for a reasonable amount of circulation.
  • Theories/Speculation

    Ask the husband whether he wants to wear a wedding ring. If neither party disagrees with him not having a ring, there's no point in buying him one if he doesn't want to wear it after the honeymoon.
  • Price

    Consider the price before deciding on who should buy the ring. As a married couple, the income will be together--but if one person makes more than the other, there's no point in one party going into debt trying to pay for a ring he can't afford when the other person can easily do it.
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