Cake Decorating Tips: Creating Shapes Out Of Round Pans

To make fun shaped cakes you do not need special cake pans or molds. Make these cakes with just simple round cake pans.

It is possible to make fun shaped cakes with simple round cake pans. Try these cake ideas for a change from the traditional layer cake.

For any shaped cakes, use a moist, dense cake recipe so the cake will hold up to being sliced and manipulated. Pound cake works very well for all of these designs and cakes with pudding in them also work fairly well.

Flower Pot Cake

A simple two or three layer round cake can easily be turned into a fanciful flower pot filled with blooms. Leave the bottom layer or two layers as whole rounds. For a three-layer cake, spread icing on the bottom layer and set the second layer on top of it. Frost the top of that layer as well. For the top layer, create a circle stencil of five to six inches in diameter. Place the stencil in the center of the cake and cut around the circle with a serrated knife. Remove the center of the cake; this may be discarded. Place the ring you have created onto the top of the frosted cake and frost the entire exterior of the cake with any color of frosting. Fill the cutout portion of the pot with chocolate frosting or shavings. Place flower shaped lollipops "growing" out of the pot for a festive cake decoration.

Hat Cake

Turn a two layer cake into a sunny brimmed hat. Bake two cake layers; you will use one layer intact for the bottom of the cake. Use a three or four inch diameter circle pattern to trim the top layer into a smaller circle; use a serrated knife to cut the cake for even edges. You may discard the trimmings. Ice the top of the bottom layer and place the four inch cake circle on top of it, centered. Ice the remaining portions of the cake with pastel butter-cream icing and decorate with royal icing. Use icing to make a wide "ribbon" around the top portion of the hat and add icing or real flowers.

Round Racetrack Cake

Use two cake layers to make a fun and fast racetrack cake. Create a one and a half inch diameter circle pattern out of paper. Use it to cut a circle of cake out of the center of each of your two cake layers. Place icing or filling between the two layers and ice the exterior of the cake. Lay thin licorice laces along the top of the cake to create a track surface. Set toy or candy cars and racing flags along the licorice racetrack to complete the design. Vroom, vroom.

Figure Eight Racetrack Cake

This racetrack cake uses two round cake layers and requires a minimum of cutting. Cut a strip - approximately half an inch at the widest point -- off one edge of each of the layers to make them each flat on one side. Place the two layers next to each other on a cake tray so that they are touching, flat side to flat side. Ice the entire cake with any frosting color you like. Use thin licorice whips to create a figure eight out shaped track of the cake's surface. Fill the center portions of the track with either green icing or green tinted coconut shavings. Set toy or candy cars and racing flags along the licorice racetrack to complete the design.

Fish Cake

Cut a single round cake layer into an enticing fish shape. First, trace the bottom of your round pan onto a piece of paper to prepare your pattern. Using the hours on a clock to describe the positions on your circle, draw a slightly outwardly curving line from nine o'clock to the center of the clock, then continue the line, now with an inward curve, to six o'clock. This should give you the outline of a fish, where his mouth is at nine o'clock, his eye would be just inside ten o'clock and the base of the fish's tail is at six o'clock. Use the cutout piece to set at the base of the tail, trimming it to be symmetrical. Use the trimmings to create a top fin for the body. Frost the cake to appear fishlike, adding an eye, mouth and scales.

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