Cake Making Tips

Cake making tips: making the perfect cake made easy.

We've all made cakes that just did not come out right. They fell apart in trying to get them out of the pan, they were too dry, they were misshapen, the frosting looked like a three year old put it on. Here are a few things you can do to make your cakes perfect every time.

You absolutely must preheat your oven. If you put your cakes in a cold oven, the cooking time is incorrect and the varying temperature of the oven will cause your cake to be drier and may cause the cake to be misshapen.

Follow the recipe directions for your cake, whether it is a cake made from a box or a cake from made from scratch. These recipes have been tested and will taste marvelous if you follow the directions.

Brush the bottom and the sides of your cake pans with melted shortening using a pastry brush. Then add some flour your pans, covering the bottom and sides, and shake off the excess flour. If you are making a chocolate cake you may use powdered cocoa instead of flour. You may also try using powdered sugar instead of flour. This will help the cake come out of the pan easier.

Do not overfill the pans with batter. Fill them to the halfway point and allow the batter to settle by shaking the pans before placing them in the oven. The cake will cook more uniformly when this is done.

Bake your cakes for the time and temperature stated in your recipe. Remember if you are using glass pan to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees.

Allow the cake to cool for at least three minutes before taking the cake out of the pan and putting in on to a cooling rack.

When your cake is completely cooled, you will then need to get it ready for frosting.

Level the top of the cake using a butter knife, so the top of the cake is level. This will give it a really good look.

Be sure to brush away any crumbs from the top of the cake so the frosting will not look lumpy. Your pastry brush works well for this.

Place your cake onto your cake platter before put your cake in the refrigerator for about an hour so it will be totally cool and be easier to frost.

Using a plastic spatula, apply a lot of frosting to the top of the cake, spreading evenly. Then spread the frosting from the top down to the sides. Let cake sit until frosting has set.

You may then decorate your cake with a decorating set or try some simple designs using a fork or a spoon.

Try gently raking a fork in a criss-cross pattern across the frosting or pressing the bottom of the spoon around the edge of the cake for an interesting pattern. You may also add some more frosting to the top and create waves or swirls in the frosting using a spatula.

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