Calendar Helps You Remember Activities & Tasks

Here is a fast and simple technique to help you remember important and not so important dates with a household calendar.

There are a gazillion things a person has to remember each month. Why, everything from brushing your teeth in the morning to checking the mail when you get home at the end of the day. Now of course some of the items in the list of gazillion are so natural that you don't even have to think out doing them "¦ they just happen. But then there are those other items, the ones that you have to tie a piece of string around your finger to remind yourself to do. And if you are like me, you will forget what the string is supposed to represent!

I have a household calendar that helps me keep on track. My personal calendar is just a generic boring box and number style. You don't have to be as drab as me though. You can get one with all the bells and whistles if you choose. What goes between the covers is what is important, not the shape, size or color.

Every time I come across something that has a date associated with it, I take a second and enter it into my calendar. If there is not time at that moment, then a little post-it note is hurriedly written and attached to the cover for a later entry.

Here are some examples of what I have entered:

· Flea collars - as soon as I purchase a new one for the animals, I write down, "Flea Collar" six months to the date.

· Physical - It usually takes six weeks advance notice to get in to see my doctor for an annual physical. Mine is due every October, so the first week of September I make a note to call and schedule one.

· Subscriptions - Whenever I take out a new magazine subscription I write down the date the subscription began and a note two months prior to it's ending to renew.

· Oil Change - I don't do a lot of driving so 3000 miles can take more than three months. To keep the truck on it's maintenance schedule I write down every three months as an oil change date.

· Special Occasions - Not only do I enter all the birthdays and anniversaries, I also make a note one week preceding the event so that there is time to mail a card and have it arrive on time.

· Television - Call me crazy I know, but I write down when the Emmy's, Oscars, and other award shows are due to be aired. Then when it gets to be the week of the event I will write in the station and time as well.

I keep mine pretty simple since we don't have children. I can imagine how much fuller it would be if I had to include when the baby's shots were due, when the sixth graders cheer practice was, and when Parent/Teacher conferences, and such were happening.

Oh, there is one additional bonus that I haven't mentioned yet. My husband has never forgotten our anniversary or my birthday since the calendar came about! And that is the whole point "¦ to keep you (or him) from forgetting!

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