Calorie Requirements Per Day

Learn to calculate your calorie requirements: whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain existing weight or to gain weight you have to start here.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain existing weight or to gain weight you have to start here. You need to figure out how many calories you will need in a day to sustain your current weight. Then you can adjust your diet from there.

The first step is to find an accurate scale and weigh yourself.

1) I weigh ________ pounds.

The next step is to choose your lifestyle type and gender. This will tell you how many calories you require per pound.

Lifestyle Man Woman

Sedentary (limited

physical activity) 13.0 12.0

Moderate physical

Activity 15.0 13.5

Strenous physical 17.0 15.0

*If pregnant or nursing add 3.0 to your score per pound.

2) I require ________ calories per pound.

3) Answer 1 __________ multiplied by answer 2 _______ = ______________ The result of your weight times your calories per pound results in the amount of calories you need to sustain your current weight at your current activity level.

If you are underweight you will want to increase your calorie intake.

Here we will focus on what you need to do if your goal is to lose weight.

4) Select an exercise program. This could be rollerblading, jogging, swimming, etc.

5) How many times will you do this actvity per week? ________

6) For how many minutes will you do this exercise? ___________

7) Let's find out how many minutes of exercise you will be adding per week. Multiple answer 5 times answer 6 _____*________=___minutes per week

8)Now we need to find your average daily time (whether or not your perform the exercise daily). Divide answer 7 by the number 7. ________ /7=______minutes per day.

9)Now you need to calculate how many calories you will use per pound. Find your activity or one that is similiar to it in the chart below.

Moderate aerobics 0.065

Vigorous aerobics 0.095

Step aerobics 0.070

Archery 0.030

Badminton 0.038

Baseball 0.031

Basketball (fun) 0.046

B-Ball compete 0.063

Bowling 0.030


5.5 mph 0.033

10.0 mph 0.050

13.0 mph 0.071

Dance 0.040

Golf 0.030

Gymnastics fun 0.030

Gym compete 0.056

Hiking 0.040

Martial Art 0.086

Racquetball 0.065

Jumprope 0.060

Rowing (quick) 0.090

Running @

11 min/mile 0.070

8.5 min/mile 0.090

7.0 min/mile 0.102

6.0 min/mile 0.114

Skating 0.038

Skiing downhill 0.060

crosscountry 0.078

Soccer 0.059

Stairclimbing 0.080

Stationary cycle 0.060

Weight lifting 0.050


20 yds/min 0.031

25 yds/min 0.040

45 yds/min 0.057

50 yds/min 0.070

Tennis 0.045

Treading water 0.100

Volleyball 0.030

Walking 0.045

Write the number next to your activity here. ____

10) Let's find out how many calories you will burn. Multiply answer 1_____ times answer 9 _____=________calories burned per pound per minute

11) Let's find the total calories burned in one session. Answer 1_____ times Answer 10______ =

12) To find your average daily burn divide answer 11______ by answer 8______=______

13) Now we can find how many calories you will need to maintain your current body weight at your new exercise level. Answer 3_______ + Answer 12=________

14) Now what should you do to lose weight? If your daily calorie need(Answer 13) is less than 3,000 you should subtract 500 from your amount and make that your goal. If you daily calorie need is greater than 3,000 you should subtract up to 1,000 calories from your number and make that your goal.

Congratulations, you have now completed this actvity and should know what exercise you will do and how often and how much to eat in order to maintain or lose weight.

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