How Can I Get An Acting Job?

How can I get an acting job? Learn how to get an acting career started by contacting certain agencies in the acting industry. I always recommend that people start out doing extra work. It is a good way...

I always recommend that people start out doing extra work. It is a good way to see how things work on a set. I am sure there are extra casting companies in every city. Sometimes a movie will come in and call the company up and say we need twenty-five blondes, etc. and then that casting company pays you fifty bucks to spend the whole day out there and you get to stand around and see how things work and mingle with people. You start learning about things in the industry you wouldn't normally know about just by asking questions. You have to ask questions, that's the key. By the way, a lot of casting companies offer classes. You might look up local casting companies and see if they are offering any on-camera commercial acting classes. Maybe they will even offer something theatrical. It's just getting into the industry by working with the people that are casting for the industry. That will help a lot. You could even offer yourself as a reader for a casting director, which is what I did. That is how I got one of my major roles. The part for "Babylon 5" really came from me being a reader for a casting director. I read opposite of the other actors that were auditioning.

What does reading do for the casting director?

It helps the casting director watch the actor instead of having to constantly look down at the script and read the lines opposite the actor. Instead of the casting director reading the lines, the reader reads the lines so the director can focus on the acting. The reader focuses on the script and gets to read opposite all kinds of great actors and gets to meet directors and producers, so he is suddenly in the mix.

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