Can Air Filters Help With Pet Allergies?

Can air filters help with pet allergies? Air filters pick up pet dander in the home, thus improving the quality of life for the people who live there. Austin Air Systems Limited from Buffalo, New York was...

Austin Air Systems Limited from Buffalo, New York was founded to help people with asthma and related allergic reactions. What does this have to do with pets? "80% of pet dander remains airborne and can be filtered out by our air purifiers", reassures Michael Doman, Austin's Sales Manager. Doctors hate to ask patients with allergies to pet dander, to give dogs and cats away, and an air purifier can help pet lovers avoid the pangs of separation from animals they love.

Any animal with fur or hair is bound to give off small scales, which we know as dander. Dander is both small and light, so it floats around the house, unseen by our busy eyes, but getting into eyes and noses with each breath. The Mayo Clinic warns us that itchy skin, watery eyes and blocked noses are signs that a pet at home could be inadvertently fouling up the air indoors. Dander causes significant changes to immune systems, and only a doctor can uncover all the effects. Allergies are difficult to manage, and doctors often like to take the easy way out and ask for pets to be removed from homes! Get air purifiers in all the rooms your pet frequents before the doc asks you to find another home for him, or her! Helen Smith and Anthony Frew, who have written a book on allergies, tell us that it is not only people who are allergic to pet dander, but dogs may be allergic to human dander as well! Remember, that human skin lets off dander just like the coats of dogs and cats, and your pet may suffer in silence from an allergic reaction to your dander. You can help both your pet and your family with a modest investment in air purifiers for your home.

The American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology (ACAAI) states that 70% of US homes have cats and dogs as pets. Each one of them needs air purifiers to safeguard family health and wellness. Did you know that the United States has 100 million pets! Keep in mind that even if you do not suffer from any allergic reaction to pet dander, it could affect your guests and visitors. This also implies that you should be wary when you drop in on others who keep pets, for their dander could affect your family and you if the home you visit is not fitted with air purifiers. That is why the ACAAI recommends the installation of a central air cleaner to take care of dander indoors.

The Mayo Clinic believes that while all pets have dander, it is cat dander that most people are especially allergic to. The Mayo Clinic has a series of actions for people who wish to keep pets at home, to follow. Naturally, this includes use of air filters.

Pets give us so much love and joy that it is difficult for someone who has had pets at home to live without their company. This is what Michael Doman means when he proudly declares that Austin's air purifiers help improve the quality of life!

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