Can Anyone Get Hypnotized?

Can anyone get hypnotized? An explanation of how hypnosis works and who can be hypnotized. Most people can be hypnotized, with very few exceptions. But finding the right hypnotist and method might take a...

Most people can be hypnotized, with very few exceptions. But finding the right hypnotist and method might take a few tries. The general rule is, people with low IQ's or if someone has acute concentration disorder, seem to have a harder time being hypnotized. Hypnosis is a state of focused, mental concentration and attention. Sometimes a conditioning session or instructional audio tapes are required for hard to focus clients.

People have stopped the hypnosis process because they felt uncomfortable being watched by others in a group, but we offer personal sessions to assist you in a private atmosphere. You can bring one adult guest if you choose.

Most people do not realize they enter into a hypnotic state every day. That state just before you wake up or fall asleep. That state of heightened awareness before you drift off, or wake up, that is hypnosis.

Another state of hypnosis that you might be aware of is that of TV. Anyone that watches television and has drifted off a bit, but really wasn't asleep and really wasn't awake! Suggestions are in every commercial and program out there to buy whatever product is being advertised. One of the most heard subliminal suggestions was the "Drink Coke-Cola" and "Hungry? Eat Popcorn!" done in the mid 50's at a movie theater by a man named James Vicary.

Another well-known automatic hypnotic state is "Highway Hypnosis." Most people have heard of it or have experienced it themselves. Highway hypnosis is when you are driving a long distance and you just go into autopilot, arriving at your destination without remembering the drive. The strips or lines on the highway create it as you drive, the deeper you emerge.

This became a major problem around the late 1950's and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) commissioned a chemist named Elbert Botts, who was the chief of the highway-pavement division. He came up with the dots, but it was not until 1966 when the glue that holds the dots to the pavement was perfected.

Botts' Dots provide an additional benefit unforeseen by its inventor - driving over them produces a ka-thump, ka-thump, ka-thump sound that swiftly captures the attention of motorists drifting out of their lanes or off the highway. Because of this, they are installed on the outer edges of roadways known for their incidents of highway hypnosis, as well as on the lines dividing one lane from another. Many a sleepy or distracted motorist has been saved from disaster by the alerting ka-thumps of a sequence of Botts' Dots under their wheels. Unfortunately for Bott, he passed away in 1962, before he was associated with any fame.

If somebody is asking a question when somebody is under hypnosis and they don't feel comfortable giving that information, their mind is going to put a block there. A lot of people have this misinterpretation that hypnosis is like mind control and you have no ability to direct your own thoughts as you are in hypnosis, and that's just totally not true. Hypnosis is basically a state of focused concentration and when a person is concentrating on relaxation or relaxing, it is there where you start working with your muscles and you really get in tune with your body. I am going to ask you a question, and if you are a pathological liar, you are still going to lie under hypnosis.

Unless we do years of hypnosis, then you would let that wall down and you would be real. Hypnosis is not really designed to be long-term; it is more designed to be a couple of sessions. We will help with any other therapy to assist the person or an individual and what they are looking forward to.

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