What Can You Do In An Apartment To Make Sure That Your Air Is Clean?

What can you do in an apartment to make sure that your air is clean? You can purify and clean the air in your apartment by changing your filters monthly and using a portable air purification system. There...

There are a number of compromises that tenants must make as opposed to home owners. Choosing contractors for common services is one of them. Owners of large apartment blocks may try and save money by reneging on annual maintenance contracts, or by entering in to Preventive Maintenance Agreements (PVAs) with disreputable and unprofessional service providers. You good be saddled with poor indoor air quality if this happens with Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems (HVACs), then. This could, in turn, result in inflated energy bills, and what is much worse, ill-health due to dust mites, dander and other allergens and pollutants circulating inside a rented apartment.

Some corrective measures could include fighting the landlord, or looking for another apartment, but Sylvia Crunk has a simpler and an effective solution. Who is she? Sylvia is an authority in air purification systems and owns Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas. She has a 3-step action plan that can get indoor air quality up to the mark in next to no time. A first and most important step is to clean the filters of your HVAC. The latter has a fixed capacity to trap dust particles and allergens, beyond which it simply cannot function to full specifications. You may not notice right away that air quality has deteriorated, but it could result in headaches, congestion of the upper respiratory tract, a feeling of tiredness and a host of allergic reactions not excluding asthma. Children and the elderly are clearly most vulnerable, but poor and contaminated air can affect wellness of active adults as well. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Michigan have jointly sponsored a study which has established that dealing with allergens, also known as environmental triggers, can reduce medical emergencies and time lost to ill-health as well. It only takes a few minutes to clean HVAC filters, and Sylvia advises a monthly regime in general. However, apartments around which construction activity is in progress, or at times of the year such as Spring when the air is full of pollen and related allergens, may require filter cleaning as often as once every 15 days.

Air ducts are other favorites with dust mites and other pathogenic microbes. Ducts may hide deposits of dust and a variety of allergens. A shaft of sunlight through a duct may sometimes show up these colonies, but they may also hide in buckets which lead to grills and in corners. A related issue is that of sealing: you could lose significant air flow and suffer from fresh contamination of air ducts even after they are cleaned. Air duct cleaning is a tough job and needs both expertise and specialized computer-controlled equipment. You are unlikely to be able to carry out the complicated procedures without expert help. It is best to make contact with a trust worthy service provider such as Sylvia, and ask for an inspection of your system with a following annual maintenance contract.

The third and final step of this plan is to ensure that the landlord's thermostat is in good working order. It makes sense to buy a new one for your apartment. This will ensure that you get the right number of Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) circulating throughout your living area.

There could be cases in which you do not want to invest in permanent changes in a rented place, or perhaps the landlord could object to having your own contractor for air duct cleaning. Sylvia says that you should consider a portable air purifier for such situations. The Pentagon has chosen Ecoquest after 9/11, and you may wish to rely on their choice for your apartment. Each unit covers more than a thousand square feet, and you can carry it with you when your lease is over.

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