How Can You Apply Feng Shui In The Office?

How can you apply Feng Shui in the office? Feng Shui can be done over your desk, but what is affecting you at the office is also at your home. It is important to do Feng Shui at home first. The office area...

The office area is a place where several spend a large amount of time. At times it may seem that this area is hard to work in or has unexpected surprises. If your office area is not conducive to good energy, you can apply Feng Shui in order to change the way that this energy moves through the office area.

Feng Shui is a method that originated in ancient Chinese practices. It uses the four elements of air, earth, water and fire to create an environment and inner intention that is more conducive to progress. One of the areas that Feng Shui focuses on is related to career. This particular Bagua area not only means your job, but also changes that will occur throughout your life. If you are in an office area, you can use Feng Shui to make sure that this particular Bagua is effective.

Teresa Hart is a Feng Shui expert that both practices and advises others on the uses of Feng Shui. While understanding the importance of having a good office area, she has also stated that "at the office you would want to make sure that you are comfortable. Feeling at ease and making sure your nervous system is comfortable are very important. You want to be productive." Using Feng Shui in order to achieve the goals at the office can help improve these particular intensions.

If you don't have the right positioning in the office, this will cause the first lack of energy. "If your back is to the door, you will naturally curve inward. Your chest will kind of sink in order to protect yourself because you do not know who is coming. You want to know who is coming," says Hart. With this in mind, if you notice your body taking certain natural actions that make you move in certain ways, then you will need to use Feng Shui to re-position yourself.

From here, you can find the most effective way to change your body position and use the right methods for Feng Shui in your life. One suggestion that Hart gives is to turn your desk or adjust your area. Facing the door as well as others, instead of away from the various objects and people can make your work area more comfortable and allow you to be more alert as well as produce more. However, if this is not possible, Hart recommends putting a mirror that faces towards the area where your back is turned towards. This will create alertness, even when you are not able to see everything that is going on.

Adjusting your work area to make sure that you are alert and aware of what is around you will then instantly move you into having the ability to work more efficiently. "It's like a metaphor for what is coming into your life," Hart states. If you don't know what is coming into your work area or your life, it will cause you to be alert in other ways. Changing this energy will help you change work habits and other types of attitudes in the office area.

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