Can Babies Get Massages?

Can babies get massages? Baby massage therapy can be used to cure colic and upset stomachs. You can learn techniques from your birthing center or get a referral for a massage therapist. Yes. Not very many...

Yes. Not very many parents bring their babies into the massage center, but they do like to get together and learn how to do baby massage. They want to learn some of the simple techniques and things for working with babies. There are a few little tricks for things like colic and upset stomachs. There is something where you move the baby's knees up into the chest one at a time.

Massage therapists in any town really will know something about it and be able to do that. As a matter fact I usually recommend people do contact the local midwives or the local birthing centers and see what contacts they can give. It's quite often that massage therapists will present their information to those places and then they will do classes where they will teach baby massage to the new mothers and fathers.

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