How Can I Become A Better Writer?

Here are a few tips to help you become a better writer.

Do you have lots of ideas but have problems in expressing them through writing? Well, here's how you can improve your writing and earn some money out of it too. Just follow these simple steps to become a better writer.

1) First, think of what you would like to write about. Always start with topics you are familiar with"¦ for example, if you are good at gardening, you could write an article on gardening or if you have an interesting hobby, you can write about that.

2) Once you have selected the topic, take a piece of paper and just jot down anything and everything you can think about the topic. This brainstorming exercise will help in giving you ideas of what you can include in your article.

3) Now, create an outline of the article by choosing which ideas you would like to use from your brainstorming exercise. Arrange the ideas and make sure you have a good introduction and conclusion. Use online encyclopaedias and libraries to fill in any extra information that you may need for the article. You might find some interesting piece of information that you may have never thought about.

4) Write the article. Try to find your own style of writing in your articles, and follow it. NEVER plagiarise! If you have to include any idea that has been published before, be sure to acknowledge the source. Imagine how you would feel if someone else copied your article without quoting you!

5) And last, but the most important, be sure to revise your article. Never send in your article immediately after writing it. Keep it aside for some time and then read it again and revise it as many times as you want till you feel your article is perfect.

Well, that's it! Five simple steps and you are on your way to be a writer. And don't forget, you can earn money by writing too.

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