Can Bulimia Affect Your Children?

Can bulimia affect your children? Bulimia can affect children and other family members. It can cause them emotional pain and give them an unhealthy view of food and eating habits, which could contribute to the child developing an eating disorder.

The research that is out right now is it is a learned behavior. It would affect children because mom is feeling fatigued again and tired and in an addiction. So she is not able to be fully present with her children, and children know what's going on and so they grow up with an unhealthy body image and unhealthy ideas about food. They can mimic mom's behavior, and children do not do that normally. So that would obviously be stressing the child or putting this child in so much emotional pain. I think these women realize what they can do to their children because you have to remember they are really sensitive women. So they realize what they can do, but the addiction of the eating disorder is so powerful that without help they usually give in to the eating disorder. So I really believe they realize what they can do, but it's just so difficult to get over it on your own.

The last thing they want is for their child to be hurt by them and an eating disorder and so that's the "Catch-22." If they realize that they feel guilty, they feel badly about themselves, and then they turn to the eating disorder.

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