Where Can I Buy Unique Lighting?

Where can I buy unique lighting? Tips on where to buy unique lighting. "I would say if you are really looking for something totally unique, the easiest way to do it at this point would be to search the internet,"...

"I would say if you are really looking for something totally unique, the easiest way to do it at this point would be to search the internet," says Sharon Nunnally, who has been in the antique lighting business for 20 years and is the owner of Antique Lighting and Restoration in Denver. "It's always helpful to the dealer if you have something in mind that you would like to have. But if it's something that you will know it when you see it, then by all means search internet sites of antiques and lighting dealers to see if anything really catches your interest. It's really a matter of dealers having whatever they have in inventory at the moment because it is a business of scarceness. If it's something that you really want, it is better to just buy it because they may have it for 10 minutes or they may have it 10 years. You don't ever know. I have had lights that had come in the door and leave the same day."

"If people are interested in buying antique lighting, the best thing to do is a little research," Nunnally continues. Think about what kind of furnishings you have, what kind of light you need, and how much light you need.. You need the same information when you're buying antique lighting as you do when buying new lighting. You need to know a lot of information. For example, be sure you know how big the room is, how tall the ceilings are, how much light you want or need, and what kind of look you like."

If you can't find what you're looking for after a short search, you may want to establish a relationship with one or more antique lighting dealers. You can meet them in person or online. Share the details of the room where the piece will be used. Explain the current uses of the room because that will determine the amount of light you'll need. You may even send photos showing the placement of windows and window treatments and existing lighting pieces that you don't plan to replace. Include the room's dimensions including the height of the ceiling. Then explain as best you can exactly what you want. Maybe you can include a postcard purchased at a historic home that features a lighting fixture or lamp you greatly admire. If a friend or family member is the owner of some lighting you really like, snap a picture and share it with the dealers. Or copy a page out of a book or magazine to show what you really like.

Also share with the dealer the price range you can afford. There's no use wasting everyone's time looking for lighting fixtures that cost a few thousand dollars when you can only afford a few hundred dollars. Reputable dealers do not price their inventory based on how much they guess a customer will pay.

When a dealer contacts you with a really unusual lighting piece available for purchase, be prepared to act within a short amount of time. If the piece is really unique, other customers will also want to buy it. Know your financial status and the opinions of others in your household in advance. It's not unreasonable to request photos so that you can discuss a possible purchase with your spouse and then get back to the dealer the following business day. But it is not reasonable to expect the dealer to hold a choice item for several weeks while you continue your search.

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