What Can Your Chamber Of Commerce Do For Your Business?

Find out what your chamber of commerce can do to help you grow your business.

Joining your local chamber of commerce may just be one of the best moves that you can make for your business. It offers many benefits, many of which are unknown to many business owners. How can your chamber of commerce help your business?


The chamber of commerce serves the function of offering business referrals to people who are new to the city or town. If you are a member of the chamber, you will get new business referrals when someone calls the chamber asking where they can get the product or service that you provide. With many people competing for the new business in town, sending expensive mailers and doing other expensive advertising, joining the chamber can be a relatively inexpensive way of getting newcomer referrals.

Business-to-Business Referrals

People like to do business with people that they know and can trust. If you attend chamber events, you will get to know a variety of people. When you need a service, use one of your chamber colleague's services, and chances are, they won't forget. Even if they don't personally need your service, they may refer you to their friends, family and acquaintances. Another service that many chamber of commerces provide is a directory. This directory is usually available to the public, and is also available to other commerce members. Most chamber of commerces have well-maintained websites, as the chamber should represent a town, and drive new business to it. These websites will often allow you to link your contact information and website to theirs, which can be a valuable link, given that chamber websites get many more hits than those of the average business owner. Some chambers of commerces also have regular networking events, some of which are industry-specific. What better way to get to know your fellow colleagues?

Learning Opportunities

Your chamber of commerce may offer networking events, small business management workshops, marketing workshops and motivational seminars. Often these are offered for free or a nominal fee. This is a way for you to continue to get professional development while making contacts who can help your business grow. You will also have opportunities to learn about your specific industry, as there may be workshops covering specific issues that it faces, and you will have the opportunity to meet potential mentors.

Political Opportunities

Your local chamber of commerce may offer you the opportunity to participate in round table discussions on topics of importance to the community, as well as provide updated information about legislation that affects the community. It is also a way to find out which positions are available on governing boards of city organizations, if you would like to volunteer to help your community while at the same time building political connections that could benefit your business. You may find that you will be more educated about your city's driving political issues than ever before. The chamber itself also offers leadership opportunities, which can be advantageous to your position in the community, which will certainly affect your business for the better. Chambers often offer nominations and awards for the best small businesses, and a variety of other business categories. Even being nominated for one of these awards can make great press for your business. Besides, going to the galas is fun, and you get to meet even more people!

Volunteer Opportunities

The chamber of commerce wants to make your community a better place to live and to do business, so that economic growth will take place, affecting the entire community for the better. A good way for the chamber to accomplish this goal is to offer volunteer opportunities, both within the chamber and outside of it. Within the chamber, you will have many opportunities to serve on various committees. You are certain to find one of interest to you. Demonstrate that your business is only about the bottom line, but also community improvement for all. This will give your business a positive image in your community.

Overall, an investment in joining your chamber of commerce is a wise one. Dues rarely cost over $400 per year, and when you consider the amount of extra business that you are certain to get, this amounts to a very small investment with a very large return. Of course, to fully benefit from your chamber membership, you must attend the events and get involved! Chances are, you will find that your membership with your local chamber is a personally enriching experience, as well as a good boost for your business.

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