Can You Change Your Domain Name?

Can you change your domain name? If a person purchases a domain and realizes it's not generating enough hits or visibility on the web, can they then switch the name to another one? Sure. You can have as...

Sure. You can have as many domain names as you want. The only thing that you'll have to do is make sure that you communicate with your domain provider and/or the hosting provider to make sure that the new domain that is pointed to the server where your files are located. Depending on your hosting provider and what they offer you can have multiple domain names point to the same website. So, you could be selling handmade sweaters and you could have,,, and those different domain names can all point to the one hosting server. What a lot of people do is they'll buy the domain name and they'll also buy common misspellings of the domain name to ensure that if somebody types in the wrong name it will still go to their website. Lots of corporations do that if they have a difficult name to spell.

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