Can I Have Custom Stained Glass Made For My Home?

Can I have custom stained glass made for my home? Stained glass can be custom designed to fit your needs. The history of stained glass windows resides in churches, where their use has been common since at...

The history of stained glass windows resides in churches, where their use has been common since at least the 12th century.

"[Church] is what stained glass windows were meant for," David Salzman, a stained glass window artist in Temple, Texas says. In vivid colors stained glass depicts church history and theology, while at the same time become beautiful pieces of art blending the power of natural sunlight with stunning prisms of colorful glass.

While the decorative and colorful glass may have been meant for churches initially, people are now making a place for stained glass in the home, as well as in some businesses (Salzman's first commercial glass for instance, was for a dentist's office) and they don't have to buy the glass at a church garage sale.

"It's quite possible to have your home decorated with custom-made stained glass windows," says David Dillon, owner of Austin Cut Glass of Austin, Texas.

A custom stained glass craftsman in business for 25 years, Dillon knows homeowners can have the home stained glass decoration projects they've seen in magazines or at neighbor's become a reality for their own homes. The projects will vary by size or decorative need.

A stained glass project might entail just a few elements to enhance the home, he says. A customer, for instance, may just want a piece of glass for a front door on a newly purchased home. What he does is take a picture of the front door and from that picture makes a design. This design might feature a sidelight or transient light that will match or accent the front door.

Other projects may be more involved, requiring consideration of theme, of colors, of shapes or other elements, he says.

"I may go into your house and you might have a bathroom that you have a theme going on in," he says. "Maybe you have got a Mediterranean theme or Tuscany theme or something like that."

When he takes up a project, he takes into consideration a variety of elements. For instance, if he was working on a project to decorate a bathroom with custom made glass, he might examine the bathroom and look at the decorating themes the homeowner has already incorporated.

"I might be able to pick up a shape or a flower or leaves or something within the tile or maybe some type of wall painting that you have," he says. From there he will pick up a design that will be perfect for the custom made glass. He then designs his windows around the theme, so that they will accent the room being worked on.

Color is an important element for Dillon. It's important for him to familiarize himself with the home's colors, all the various shades that stand out.

"I want to go to the house and then try to match colors," he says. "So if somebody says 'I want blue', I can see the 50 shades of the blue that there are and know which blue you need."

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