Can You Estimate How Many Homes Do Not Have A Clean Air Filtration System?

Can you estimate how many homes do not have a clean air filtration system? Learn the percentage of homes that do not have clean air filtration systems and why it is important to have air filtration systems.

There are no hard facts to answer how many homes lack adequate air filtration systems conclusively, but those in the business for some time know that the vast majority of homes suffer from poor air quality. Sylvia Crunk, owner of Aire Serv Heating and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas, which specializes in air purification systems for the home, believes that up to 85% of US homes may have air filtration systems which are either dirty or not fully functional. Considering the serious effects of poor air quality in the home, one wonders why more people do not take simple and affordable steps to keep their ducting, filters and equipment clean and in good working order.

Sylvia says that it all boils down to awareness. After all, how many of us have opportunities to take close looks at the condition of the dark and dank interiors of ducting all over our homes? Indoor air quality is awfully difficult to monitor for home owners because most of us do not have the expertise and specialized equipment to do this properly. One unfortunate effect is that a majority of us tend to put off signing annual maintenance contracts, because we are not conscious of how allergens and pollutants invisible to our unaided eyes may circulate with abandon in home air and find their way in to respiratory tracts of the family.

The innovative and caring Aire Serv has found a novel solution to the problem of low client awareness of the need for proper maintenance of home air filtration and ventilation systems and equipment: Sylvia Crank's highly trained and motivated engineers, actually video tape their encounters with the innards of your house ducting! You get a permanent photographic record of how messy and full of allergens and pathogens your duct system is before the cleaning operation starts, and another after the maintenance operation is over. No prizes for guessing which set of pictures home owners like to display for friends and visitors! Sylvia's teams let you watch the cleaning operation in progress through video links, so that you get a good idea of the kind of air your family was breathing before the crew starts work.

The US Department of Health and Human Services provides the chilling statistic that no fewer than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic disorders! The Department has a survey which shows that every second citizen of the United States tests positive for common allergens such as dust mites. Allergies cost the nation some $18 billion a year, and are amongst the top 10 medical conditions in the country. Allergies may arise due to a number of reasons and poor indoor air quality is one of them. It is something that home owners and residents must control directly, and which has direct impact on family health and wellness. Sylvia has found that a number of highly educated clients often wonder why their families have such high incidence of ill-health. Spreading awareness of the need to keep ducts and air filtration equipment clean pays handsome dividends, not just in financial terms, but through customer delight as well. That is why companies such as Aire Serv go the extra mile to show clients the state of poorly maintained ventilation equipment, and the dramatic effects of cleaning operations as well.

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