How Can Feng Shui Help Build Wealth?

How can Feng Shui help build wealth? In Feng Shui, if the energy is too strong, stuck, or cluttered it is not good. It is your intention that creates the flow and wealth. Using Feng Shui in order to direct...

Using Feng Shui in order to direct energies that are from the four elements is a well known ancient Chinese method. By understanding tools that are used in Feng Shui, you can practice focusing and stabilizing energies that are in your environment, as well as in your inner intention. One of the methods that are used in Feng Shui is how to build wealth and prosperity through your environment and intention.

Wealth, as related to Feng Shui, is one of the nine Baguas, or areas, that are essential to one's growth and prosperity. It does not only include financial wealth, but also other ideas that will make you wealthy, blessed or to have a feeling of being rich. Objects that are in the area of your wealth Bagua will help you to gain this prosperity.

Teresa Hart is a full time Feng Shui practitioner who has several years experience in helping others to build wealth through Feng Shui. She states, "That is what most people are interested in. There are several layers to this question, because Feng Shui starts moving energy." Depending on what your exact needs are for finances and wealth, Feng Shui will help to direct and balance this particular energy.

It has been observed that there are several reasons why one may not be able to have a necessary cash flow. The first large problem that has been seen is if the energy is stuck and not moving through your wealth Bagua, or area. "If the energy is stuck, or it is too strong in any situation, and in most wealth situations it is stuck or there is clutter there," states Hart, "then wealth will not be able to move into your life." The second reason why wealth is not available may be because it is not in someone's Bagua, as Hart as seen in many cases.

No matter what the imbalance in energy may seem it can easily be changed by adding the Bagua to your environment, or placing an object to represent wealth nearby. This is known to rebalance the energies and allow you to change your focus. Hart states that "you are adding intention to all that you do and that you focus on, but it is not your continual 24 hour focus. The environment starts talking to you in a positive way. But, it also creates movement in itself, so the energy starts to move and flow...So it is your intention that creates the wealth, and it is your willingness to learn and change that creates the wealth."

When your intention focuses on this wealth, Feng Shui will then begin to redirect energies. Feng Shui symbols for wealth are used to help this inner self re-direction. This can then add to richness in your life and allow the presence of finances and other types of riches to be present.

If wealth seems to be missing from one's life, than an attitude and intention must first be created to begin a better flow of wealth. Hart says that "people need to work on their environment and themselves. You need to build your sense of joy, your sense of adventure. Actually the attitude that goes with wealth is gentleness and a sense of adventure".

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