Can a Gateway Gp7-500 Desktop Computer be Upgraded?

By Ty Arthur

  • Overview

    Although computers that you buy from a large scale manufacturer such as Gateway generally have fewer options for upgrading than a computer that you build on your own, they will still have some options for improving performance by adding in new components. The Gateway G07-500 is actually easier to upgrade than many other systems because it features a "tool-less" case that can be opened by hand.
    Can a Gateway Gp7-500 Desktop Computer be Upgraded?
    • Step 1

      Remove the power cord from the back of the Gateway GP7-500 computer and then unplug all of the other cables for the mouse, keyboard and monitor.
    • Step 2

      Unscrew the large white plastic knob on the back of the case by hand and then pull the side panel away to reveal the computer's internal components.

    • Step 3

      Locate the RAM module slots, which should be located at the center of the motherboard and are raised areas with snap-on locks on the side, if you want to add more memory to the computer. Add in additional RAM modules in the two extra RAM slots by unsnapping the locks, firmly pushing the RAM into the slot and then re-snapping the lock into place.
    • Step 4

      Remove the two screws holding the plastic covers over an expansion slot on the back of the computer if you want to add an extra card such as a graphics card, audio card or network card. Push the card down into the slot until it snaps and then keep the screws and plastic case somewhere safe in case you remove it later.
    • Step 5

      Pop out the plastic cover on the front of the computer by pushing from the back if you want to add in an extra CD or DVD drive. Mount the drive in the drive bay and then screw it into place with any screws that came with the new drive. Connect it to the computer's power supply by connecting the RCA cable to the back of the drive.
    • Step 6

      Push the side panel back onto the case, re-screw the plastic screw and plug your computer back in to finish upgrading the system.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Ingredients:
    • Screwdriver
    • Upgrade components
    • Tip: The GP7-500 can only take a total of 384MB of RAM and is manufactured with a single 128MB stick of RAM. It also has four extra slots for additional cards and a single extra drive bay for adding a new CD or DVD drive.
    • Warning:
    • The GP7-500 only has an 4X speed AGP slot for graphics cards, so it cannot handle higher-end graphics units.

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