Where Can I Take A Home Inspection Course?

Where can I take a home inspection course? You can learn how to become a Home Inspector by taking courses at Home Inspection schools. Well, you can, Allied School is one of them. They do construction. They...

Well, you can, Allied School is one of them. They do construction. They do real estate licensing, and they do pretty much everything. They have got their fingers in almost all aspects of real estate, including home inspection. What I really don't like is they actually advertise that if you take the Allied Home Inspection course, two weeks later or a month later when you finish, you are going to be able to go out and start making $100,000 in a year as a home inspector. "We are going to make you a success, you go right out and get to work and get rich quick," and that is nonsense. It takes years and years to learn this stuff. It takes around five years. You can have 30 years of experience in construction and go out and you won't know the first thing about home inspections. You won't know what to do and or how to look for stuff, or how to report on something. There are good home inspection courses, and there are bad ones.

The schools I recommend are the ones that actually have buildings or homes that you learn in. So they will take you into an old home and you are with these veteran home inspectors that also make the circuit. They talk on different subjects to different home inspection associations when we have our conferences. They are hands-on teachers as well, and they will take you to an electrical panel. They will open it up and they will say, "Okay, here is a defect; here is a defect; here is the defect..." They will explain why it's a defect, and they will tell you what to look for, how to spot a defect and that sort of thing.

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