Can Hypnotherapy Help With Body Aches And Pain?

Can hypnotherapy help with body aches and pain? Absolutely. In fact, most of the research you find, especially in the medical journals, is on hypnosis for pain management. The practice of hypnosis has been...

The practice of hypnosis has been a mystery for several hundred years. A proven medical treatment, the biggest question to be answered about hypnosis is how it actually works. In 1958, the American Medical Association officially approved hypnosis as a form of treatment in all areas of medicine and surgery.

One area that hypnosis has been very popular in the field of medicine deals with treating aches and pains of the body. Larry Volz is a former magician who took up hypnosis 15 years ago. He is the executive director for the American Hypnosis Clinic and has held this position for almost four years now. Volz said that using hypnosis to help treat aches and pains of the body is one of the more common uses of the practice.

"In fact, most of the research you find, especially in the medical journals, is on hypnosis for pain management," he said. "The brain is very good at tuning out sensation and does it naturally throughout the day."

Hypnosis doesn't stop the pain or aches from occurring, but better yet, keys the brain in on how to tune out certain painful sensations. What hypnosis does is it relaxes the mind and reduces the anticipation of the pain. With the mind at complete relaxation mode, it raises the pain threshold for the client allowing him or her to deal with more pain than normal.

When we feel pain, we automatically tense the muscles in our body to help alleviate some of the pressure or pain. But when the muscles tense, the pain actually magnifies. So, as many hypnotherapists already know, the secret to relieve the pain is to be completely and totally relaxed. Hypnosis helps the mind to relax, therefore helping to reduce some of the pain felt.
The use of hypnosis to help reduce pain has been so successful that many are now using hypnosis during surgery instead of anesthesia. In addition to surgery, many women have decided to utilize hypnosis during childbirth as well. Many experts agree that using hypnosis during childbirth won't reduce the obvious pain that one would feel during childbirth, but by staying in a relaxed state, the mother is providing the doctor with a much easier approach to delivering the baby. Volz stands behind the concept of using hypnosis during childbirth.
"Hypnosis can be used to help the brain tune out sensations like pain - chronic pain, arthritis, acute pain," Volz said. "There is a movement promoting the use of hypnosis for childbirth. With childbirth lots of people want to avoid having too many drugs. Hypnosis can actually work as well as an epidural against pain during childbirth."

"How much you practice and how much natural talent you have for hypnosis plays a big part in how well it works, but the results can be just amazing," Volz added. "There was a 20/20 special a couple of years ago that showed a woman going through childbirth very relaxed and aware, but without any pain using hypnosis. It's a terrific way to give birth."

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