Where Can I Find Ideas For Stained Glass Patterns?

Where can I find ideas for stained glass patterns? The first step to getting ideas on stained glass patterns is by using the internet. The internet is a great research tool for finding stained glass patterns...

The internet is a great research tool for finding stained glass patterns and ideas. Surf to a search engine like Google or Yahoo, type in a keyword or words like "stained glass patterns" and links to multiple sites pop up.

Browse the sites and soon enough you'll find either what you're looking for or another route to find it.

Ideas found online can be an invaluable tool for an artist working in any medium. Those interested in making stained glass can start their search there, especially when they are looking for ideas for patterns.

"To make your own stained glass, get on the internet and search for the word 'stained glass,' and you can find many ideas," says David Dillon, the owner of Austin Cut Glass of Austin, Texas. He has been in business for 25 years.

On the internet there are plenty of sites to browse. Googling the term "stained glass" retrieves on the first page the first 10 of more than 21 million links that contain the term "stained glass" in them.

A lot of the links, as Dillon notes, take you to stained glass retail companies. Others, however, take you to sites such as the home page of the Stained Glass Association of America (http://www.stainedglass.org/), the first page of which has a row of photos of different stained glass windows across the top and bottom. The site also has multiple links to articles and other sites on stained glass, including a link to the association's stained glass shop.

The SGAA Stained Glass Shop's site (http://www.cafepress.com/sgaa/1125305) has some interesting links that may help the hobbyist find resources for ideas. For instance, clicking the link "Stained Glass Notecards" opens an array of notecards for sale, each with photos of stained glass works imprinted on them.

With your search you can add terms such as the different types of styles and come up with even more ideas, Dillon says. "You can also specify Victorian glass, Mediterranean, Art Deco, and things like that."

Googling the search term "Art Deco stained glass" opens up links to several retailers, such as Easyboo.com, which have links to photos of a variety of Art Deco-style stained glass windows. Many of the photos you can click and enlarge, giving you a better idea of these pieces' patterns.

Another site (http://downeaststainedglass.com/freestainedglasspatterns.html) lists links to sites that offer free stained glass patterns. At one site linked from here -Dodge Studio (http://www.dodgestudio.com/free.htm) - allows you to download patterns directly from the site which can then be printed for your use.

An internet search, Dillon says, will often bring up a lot of companies that specialize in stained glass. "You can check any of those companies and they usually have lots of pictures."

A visit to a local stained glass retail store will also give the hobbyist quite a selection of things that may spark an idea or two, he says. "They usually have hundreds of books that all have 'how to' instructions and lots of patterns that you can use from their books."

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