How Can I Increase My Energy Level?

Have you been feeling run down lately? We don't always eat right or get enough sleep. Here are some ways to increase your energy level.

Between the job and house and the kids, we are too tired to do anything extra by the end of the day. We could all use more energy. The most common cause of fatigue is stress. Stress causes tension and tension zaps emotional and physical energy. There are many things that we can do to help boost our energy levels.

Exercise makes you tired? That is a fallacy. Exercise actually releases tension and helps you feel more energized. It stimulates the cells and circulates the blood and oxyegen in the body. It also makes the body produce endorphins which make you feel full of energy. Depression can cause us to feel sluggish and tired. Exercising doesn't have to be strenuous either. Dancing, raking leaves, and swimming or playing tennis are all great forms of exercise and stress relief. Exercise also promotes sound sleep.

As we said before, stress can sap energy, making us feel sluggish. So, by decreasing stress, we can inadvertantly increase our energy level. When we are happy and not depressed, we feel better mentally and physically. Some other ways to decrease stress include:

-Listening to "easy listening" music, "Sounds of Nature" cd's or classical music. All of these have been found to have a relaxing effect. Conversely, hard rock, loud, harsh music can overstimulate and actually cause tension.

-Visualization techniques, which consists of closing your eyes and imagining yourself in a relaxing, wonderful place, such as lying on the beach, with the waves flowing over you at the shore, or lying in front of a crackling fire place on a bear skin rug in a cabin in snow covered mountains.

- Massage Therapy. This is a big one. Massages release muscle tension and toxins in the muscles, cutting down on the stress hormone called cortisol, thus boosting energy. Many people who utilize this option, have exceptionally high praise for it and its results.

-Aromatherapy which is popular again is proven to reduce stress and produce a feeling of well being. Try using herbal oils such as peppermint or rosemary which have a natural calming effect.

Also, Gensing promotes energy levels. Check with your doctor before using gensing. It can cause bleeding and possibly a stroke.

-These recommendations probably go without saying, but will be mentioned anyway, solely for the fact that they are of vital importance. Getting plenty of sleep is vital to maintaining high energy levels. When we are sleepy or lack sleep, we will feel sluggish and tired. A well balanced meal, with plenty of fresh fruitsa and vegetables, and especially dark green leafy vegetables and plenty of water (8 glasses per day) are essential to maintaining and/or increasing energy levels.

We all need a boost now and then, some of us more than others, especially in today's fast paced, high demand world. Try some of these ideas, or ALL of them, to give yourself and your energy level a boost!

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