Can I Learn Pilates On My Own?

Can I learn Pilates on my own? It's dangerous to learn Pilates through a workout video at the library, because they do not teach proper breathing techniques. That's not recommended, and I will tell you why....

That's not recommended, and I will tell you why. Someone was explaining to me a horror story about a friend of hers who took a video home from a library. She tried to do what we call the twist band where you're laying on your side and you push all your weight up. You hold your body up on your left hand so that your spine is straight and you come into a neutral pose. You are really tilted up to the side at about a 30 degree angle from your legs and your spine to the ground. What you do in the twist bend is throw your right hand up in the air and twist your whole body underneath that left one. It takes tremendous strength. If you have the strength, you'll twist your whole spine underneath so that your hip stays steady. What happened to this lady was that the rest of the knee twisted on through. If you have an instructor, they can tell you not to do that if your body is not strong enough or if your breathing is off. If she decided to exhale, for example, you can't loosen the abs. You have to keep the abs tight when you do that one.

Videos don't always teach you how to breathe. I am not going to speak against any other video, but I am going to tell you my own experience. You don't want to rebuild your own carburetor if you don't anything about your car, so if you don't know anything about Pilates, you don't want to go and try this at home. At least go to a Rec center. I teach a mat class at the local Rec center, and people come here because it's cheaper and you can get the basics down. You can talk to an instructor about which videos you like the best. You can even check them in the library and bring them in with you to talk to your instructor. Even that is more prudent than just doing it on your own.

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