Where Can I Find Low Cost Health Insurance?

By Jennifer M. Roberts

  • Overview

    Finding low cost health care insurance can be a difficult task. It is, however, one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Small health care incidents can cause major out-of-pocket costs if you do not have a good insurance plan. Always read the fine print on your plan. Low monthly premiums do not always equate to low health care insurance costs. Keep in mind that medical bills are one of the major reasons people declare bankruptcy in America.
    • Step 1

      Ask your employer (or potential ones). One of the best places to look for low cost health insurance is through your employer. If you can become part of a large group, your costs will be lower than if you purchase insurance on your own. Your employer may also offer several plans to choose from, which can help you control health care costs.
    • Step 2

      Review websites that identify and rank group health insurance plans. Health insurance is a highly scrutinized industry, and there is much to read and learn about. Many agencies, including insurance providers, have established websites to assist individuals in finding affordable insurance. A search engine within the website can identify carriers and plans of varying price ranges (see Resources below).

    • Step 3

      Consider local, state and federal programs. There are quite a large amount of state, local and federal resources dedicated to identifying and providing low cost medical care and insurance to those in need. Check with you city and county public offices to find out more information.
    • Step 4

      Search for non-profits that assist in access to medical care. As a lack of access to affordable health care is of major public concern, non-profit agencies provide low cost health care and resources to obtain insurance benefits. These agencies can be hard to find, but are often easier to navigate than government programs (see Resources below).
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