How I Can Make Money Refinishing Old Furniture?

Where can I find used furniture? Read this the article.

I know many people have an aversion to thrift stores and garage sales, but I personally have had a lot of success. There is little that gives me nore pleasure than to know that an item of furniture I have bought is something that the rest of the world will probably not have.

I take the items that I have purchased from thrift stores home and give them a whole new look. I will strip away the old finishes and put on something of my own to make it blend in with the rest of the furniture around it. It is a simple procedure that requires little effort, only time. There are several commercial paint & varnish strippers that remove finishes quickly and easily. These can be bought at any hardware or Do It Yourelf center nationwide.

If you decide when you are through with revamping the piece you personally have no place for it, then SELL IT! You will find that you have increased the value of the piece to a point where it is worth far more than the few dollars you paid for it. My best efforts at this have been large items of pine. I have bought these items with decades of old paint piled up in rainbow hues on it. When I have stripped it back to the bare wood and applied a simple coat of clear varnish the original owners themselves did not recognize it. It is a very rewarding pastime and profit maker for any one with a very basic knowledge of painting and woodworking. The idea of finding a valuable antique piece is possible and they really are out there. You just have to shop around. Also if you make a mistake on the piece and don't like what you have done, you can always redo the finish. If it is a complete fiasco then you have spent little and learned lots. Try it yourself and have fun learning!

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