How Can I Make My Pantry Cabinet More Spacious?

How can I make my pantry cabinet more spacious? Try organizing before you remodel your pantry. Many homeowners, during the process of remodeling their kitchen ask "How can I make my pantry cabinet more spacious?"...

Many homeowners, during the process of remodeling their kitchen ask "How can I make my pantry cabinet more spacious?" Jason Flippo, who is the owner and president of Signature Home Improvement Inc, which is a business that concentrates on remodeling kitchens and living areas, suggests, "You can add roll out shelves and dividers and things like that. You can have those custom made or you can go down to Wal-Mart or the Container store. They have a lot of accessories to help organize your cabinets."

One of the most wasted spaces in a pantry, or in any cupboard, is the area inside of it between the door itself and the shelves. Building a custom spice rack, or purchasing a few that fit and lining them up, can clear up a lot of shelf space in other parts of your kitchen. If there is enough depth, you can even use it to house small can items and other odds and ends.

The dividers that Jason mentioned come in a variety of sizes from movable ones that stack on top of canned goods, to ones that are fixated permanently in order to separate the larger items, such as jars and cereal. Transferring cereal to plastic containers can save on room as well as keep your cereal fresher longer. There are many types of storage containers available, some even stackable themselves, no extra shelf required.

Roll-out shelving, like Jason talked about, also comes in a variety of sizes to stack something as light as bags of potato chips on, up to heavy duty ones that can hold the weight of your heaviest jars and canned goods. These make it easier to put the food away and take it out as well as save on room and money by you not buying a duplicate of an ingredient that got lost in the nether regions of your pantry.

As Jason says, "Those are some tools to organize your cabinets without tearing everything out and rebuilding it." Now, if you do want to tear everything out and start over, that is where the fun begins. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing your own spacious custom kitchen pantry. You need to only open any home improvement magazine to see the endless possibilities of shelving, from full shelving units that you roll outwards and to the side so others can be tucked behind them, to large stacked "Lazy-Susan's" that reach to the most hindmost corners of the pantry.

One more option to consider comes from the book "Home Project Manager: Kitchen Planner", published in 1997 by Cowles Creative Publishing, says, "As an alternative to walk-in pantries, space-saving utility cabinets are becoming popular. Unlike walk-in pantries, which waste considerable floor space, a utility cabinet uses every bit of storage. Utility cabinets are 24" deep and come in a variety of widths up to 36". They are available with doors and shelves, drawers, or a combination of both." Since this book was published almost a decade ago, I am sure that even more options are available today.

When remodeling your kitchen, careful planning of the pantry is of up-most importance. It is one of the most effective ways to save on space in other cabinets and drawers. Remember, the more you can fit in here, the less you have to cram in somewhere else.

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