How Can Men Last Longer in Bed?

By Amy Kniss, eHow Money editor

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    According to Men's Health magazine, on average men last between five and ten minutes during sex, and seventy-one percent of guys want to improve their sexual endurance. Along with the obvious quick fixes -- er, make that fixes for the quick -- such as Viagra and other natural supplements, there are a number of ways a man can improve his sexual staying power.
    • Step 1

      Practice prolonging your ejaculation when you masturbate. This will help you learn to control yourself better during intercourse. Establish a finishing line five minutes further than you currently reach it, continue building stamina from there. This may take some time to master, but stick with it and you'll both notice your improvement.
    • Step 2

      Slow down. Instead of plunging in full force, pace yourself; begin by pressing or rubbing your penis against her clitoris. This allows you to apply pressure to your penis and maintains stimulation for your partner. From there, begin intercourse with shorter, faster insertions that penetrate only the first couple inches of her vagina.

    • Step 3

      Use your hands. If you find yourself peaking too early, place your thumb and forefinger around the head of your penis and apply steady pressure, focusing on the underside of your penis. This technique will reduce blood flow and decrease your urge to ejaculate.
    • Step 4

      Focus on your partner. Satisfying your partner's needs first helps focus your attention away from your own orgasm, thus prolonging it. Also this can reduce the anxiety that some men feel when they ejaculate before their partner.
    • Step 5

      Change positions. When you are on top of your partner it is easy to succumb to the urge to thrust fast and deep, but this is often the cause of premature ejaculation. Instead, switch positions so that your partner is on top or move to a standing position, both will take longer for you to climax because the speed and the frequency of the penetration are less intense.
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    • Tip: Talk to your doctor if your sexual stamina does not improve or you think that your quick finishing time may be the result of a medical condition.
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    • Avoid taking herbs, natural supplements or drugs to enhance your performance without consulting with your doctor.

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