How Can A New Driver Get The Best Rates On Car Insurance?

How can a new driver get the best rates on car insurance? A new driver can get the best insurance rates by demonstrating that he or she is a good driver, has mature judgment, and knows how to obey and respect the rules of the road.

"Generally, new drivers are high school and college students," observes Clark Jackson, President and CEO of Jackson and Jackson Insurance Agents and Brokers in Glendora, California. "The young driver who falls within the 16-20 age group makes up about 30% of the accidents of all drivers in the United States. Furthermore, young men are by far more at risk for an accident, including serious accidents, than are young women of the same age."

"A new driver," he explains, "can get the best insurance rates by demonstrating that he or she is a good driver, has mature judgment, and knows how to obey and respect the rules of the road. That begins with all the important safety habits that are inherent in operating a motor vehicle. Also, most insurance companies will offer a Good Student Discount to those students maintaining a 3.0 GPA or better so good grades,reflecting focus and a conscientious attitude, can translate into significant savings."

Becoming a good driver is something that parents and guardians must be actively engaged in. Jackson points out, "It starts well before acquisition of a learner's permit or the driver's education classes at school. When approaching the age of getting a learner's permit, parents must begin explaining to their sons and daughters what goes into being a safe, defensive driver. That includes seat belt use, watching and obeying traffic signals, and above all else being aware of the actions of the drivers around you. It is also a sad fact that many of today's young victims in auto accidents are passengers. Easing the young driver into nighttime driving and driving with friends is important if you are going to help them avoid some of the common situations where serious accidents can occur.

Obviously, drinking and driving don't mix for anyone at any age. The escalating use of cell phones and iPods, too, is a contributing factor. Impress upon your young driver that the #1 priority each time he or she gets behind the wheel is to minimize distractions and concentrate on getting from Point A to Point B safely and without incident."

If you do not have access to a school-sponsored driver's education class, Jackson recommends that you consider enrolling your son or daughter in a private class. "Families are often not aware that many insurance companies offer discounts to students who have successfully completed such classes, and in a very short time the private instruction will more than pay for itself." Make certain, however, that the school you select for your teen driver has been certified by the state, offers behind the wheel experience, and will provide documentation for you after successful completion of the class.

"Finally," he adds, "consider the first vehicle that your young driver is going to be operating. Is it going to be the family car? Will it be something purchased secondhand? Have they been saving all their money to buy something sleek and sporty that will make them the envy of the whole school? As a parent, it's important that you be involved in these choices. The street racers popularized in video games and movies are dangerous weapons, more so than guns. A tricked out high performance vehicle is an investment in tragedy. Speed kills. A new driver has no business in a vehicle he or she can't control. Not only will this significantly raise your insurance costs, it will also significantly raise the probability that there will be an insurance claim...or much worse."

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