How Can One Decorate Their Scrapbook Pages?

How can one decorate their scrapbook pages? Decorate your scrapbook pages with different themes, paints, or collectables from concerts or festivals. Go through and write different things on the pages, of...

Go through and write different things on the pages, of course you have to allow time for it to dry. If the actual book itself doesn't have pages that you can actually take out, then if you write on two pages that you are looking at, you are really not going to be able to flip the page until it's dry. It could be an hour or two depending. I've used to all sorts of things, from actual tapestry material to an old T-shirt; anything that can relate to what you are doing, I mean just make sure they don't stand out. Make it entertaining for who ever is looking at it.

All of mine actually go by a theme. Most of ones that I have seen have gone by a theme, as to actually what's in the book. It could be Christmas 1995 or it could be Spring Break 2001 or it could a concert or festival. I am sure that there are other people out there that are doing a whole bunch of different things in one book. But you know I enjoy the part of it where I am attaching all of these things to this book that really related to the actual experience. That's what I like about it most; I make it a point to collect those types of things that I can put in here while I am doing it. It can make the actual flipping through the pages more authentic like you are really there. There are different kinds of scissors that you can use. You could come up with probably twenty different actual kinds of patterns that you can get on a scissor, which can make things different as well.

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