How Can One Use Antique Lighting In The Home?

How can one use antique lighting in the home? Tips on incorporating antique lighting in your home. "You can incorporate antique lighting into any home as a ceiling fixture, floor or table lamp, and wall...

"You can incorporate antique lighting into any home as a ceiling fixture, floor or table lamp, and wall sconces," says Sharon Nunnally, who has been in the antique lighting business for 20 years and is the owner of Antique Lighting and Restoration in Denver. "There are a number of periods that are adaptable to many house styles."

A modern or contemporary home can incorporate certain lamps and lighting fixtures from the deco and machine age era, according to Nunnally, who also consults individuals in preservation at her antique lighting shop. "Because many of those pieces are very stylized they go quite well in a contemporary home. I have had some lamps done for customers and the people did not even realize that the light itself was from the 1930s, as opposed to a new production piece."

If chrome and glass is your style, look for lighting with clean and sleek lines in gleaming metals. As the popularity of this style increases, they are becoming easier to find in lighting shops and antique shops.

The Victorian era in America began about 1840 and ended near the time of Queen Victoria's death in 1901. Its lighting style is lavishly ornate. Thanks to the decorating trends set by millionaire oil barons, it became a status symbol of the very wealthy to have a lamp in every room. That lamp was also kept lit day and night. Glass and china makers had a booming business turning out elaborately decorated lamp bases and globes. Metal workers also were providing homeowners with highly adorned lamp bases. Mantle lights, table lights, foyer lights, ceiling chandeliers, and, of course, the exterior lighting spoke volumes of the status of the home's residents. The proper decorating effect with lighting was a subject of great concern to the lady of the house. Because her husband was working during most of the day, he saw the home mostly in the dark evening hours. He also showed off his big home to friends, family, and business associates by throwing lavish parties which were held after the sun went down. Victorian lighting in all sizes and price ranges is readily available at most antique lighting dealers and many antique malls nationwide.

If you have an older home and this is your style of decorating, you should have a great selection readily available.

If you like a rustic, western or country look in your home, you could use a chandelier made from a wagon wheel. These are especially popular in the western United States, and this is the best place to look for them. Made from authentic antique wheels, they have the weathered look that comes from rolling across miles of rugged terrain. To balance this rugged chandelier with other lighting in the room, look for floor lamps and table lamps that have heavy wooden bases. Some have antlers on the base, and hides on the lampshades. Refurbished lanterns may be suitable wall sconces or outdoor lighting.

Whatever your style, consider function whenever you select lighting. Good lighting is essential in the 21st century because of the kinds of activities that occur in our homes. Task lighting is essential for reading, crafts, and using the computer. Outdoor lighting needs to provide enough illumination for safety and security.

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