Can People Learn From Cheating And Move On?

Can people learn from cheating and move on? It's possible to take responsibility and learn from cheating in a relationship. I absolutely know that people can learn from a one time experience. Just because...

I absolutely know that people can learn from a one time experience. Just because they cheated once doesn't mean that they are cheaters from then on. We all learn and grow from our experiences. I don't think cheating is evidence that they are horrible people or that they can't be faithful. If they have the situation happen again, they can absolutely learn from it and not do it again. I know that to be true; however there are other people who are not conscious about what they have done and don't take responsibility. For instance, if I have an affair with somebody, I made the decision and it was my responsibility. I can't say that he made me do it or that he came on to me and I had no choice. I can't blame my husband or this guy for my decision, or I'll be at danger for doing something again, because I don't recognize that I am the responsible party and that I have the power to make that decision. If your partner cheated on you and is completely blaming you or some other woman who came on to him, I would be concerned. If they recognize that they made a mistake, what they really want is to create a healthy relationship with you. They recognize that their behavior is not in alignment with that goal. There is absolutely a possibility that they can turn around and create a healthy relationship and make healthier choices from that time onward.

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