Can I Place A Water Well Anywhere On My Property?

Can I place a water well anywhere on my property? When considering a water well for your property, ask your neighbors to recommend a driller with information about groundwater, permits, and district restrictions.

Municipalities, states, and counties have restrictions on wells. Groundwater districts are formed that tell where the well can be placed. They usually don't tell you where you have to put your well, but rather where the well cannot be. For example, you wouldn't want your well close to a septic system or under power lines or anything like that.

Most of the time there are no limitations as to where you can put a well. There are plenty of places where there aren't aquifers and the soil doesn't hold water. Either there is a type of formation like clay where water will not penetrate or of rock that is not porous. In the area where I work, about 98% of the properties have water underneath them.

Some places also require a permit. Your well driller should know whether or not you need one. If he doesn't, he's probably not your best choice. It's usually a good idea to get a driller who is local. The best way to find a well driller is go next door, talk to all the neighbors, and ask them if they are happy with theirs? The next question you can ask them is what aquifer did you drill to? How deep did you drill? Are you happy with the quality or the volume of the water? Has it gone dry on you in the last couple of years? Your neighbors are your best source, because they are going to tell you honestly without bias.

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