Where Can I Purchase Wu-Yi Tea?

By Vincent Madrone

  • Overview

    Wu-Yi tea is being touted all over the Internet as a fat-burning, energy-boosting, antioxidant-rich health food. While it is true that tea (camellia sinensis) has been used as a daily beverage in Asia for centuries and that there are many reports of health benefits, including weight loss, a tea consumer needs to know a little more about tea before buying from one of these companies that promote Wu-Yi tea. Wu-Yi is a mountainous region in China that produces very good-quality oolong tea. Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized form of green tea and has many of the health properties attributed to the polyphenols and antioxidants of green tea. Before buying Wu-Yi, or any other tea from an online retailer that makes claims about one specific form of tea, you should get familiar with tea in general and as many of its varieties as possible. It is possible to buy oolong and green tea from Asian markets and online vendors that is just as high in quality and sometimes much cheaper than what an exclusive Wu-Yi tea company may charge.
  • How to buy Wu-Yi tea

    • Step 1

      Decide what benefits you are seeking from Wu-Yi tea. Many other teas have fat-burning and energizing properties and well as high antioxidant values. In fact, the Chinese have a top 10 list of "famous teas," all of which are known for their health-promoting properties.

    • Step 2

      Do some good research on the Internet and with books on tea. There are many forms of oolong (Wu-Yi) tea and green teas, and many different price categories.
    • Step 3

      Make sure you select a tea in leaf form, not a teabag. Almost all teas are healthier in loose-leaf form because they preserve more of the polyphenols and antioxidants.
    • Step 4

      Visit a Chinese, Japanese or Korean herb or tea shop. These Asian markets have the best prices and quality on green teas, oolong teas (Wu-Yi)and even other teas and herbs that may be even more beneficial for the benefits you are looking for.
    • Step 5

      If you cannot find a quality oolong (Wu-Yi) or green tea in your town, visit an online retailer that specializes in fine loose-leaf teas and has a large selection. Single-estate and lightly fermented teas have the highest health properties as well as the best flavor.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • A good tea guide
    • Access to the Internet
    • Chinatown
    • Teapot
    • Tip: The highest-quality teas, which also contain the highest health benefits, will name the province and type of tea. Some examples of high quality oolongs (Wu-Yi) teas include: Da Hong Pao, from the Wu-Yi mountains, and Tieguanyin, from the surrounding area.

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