Can You Put Ceramic Tile Outside?

Can you put ceramic tile outside? It is not recommended to put tiles outside where frosts are common. They will crack with the contraction. I have done tiles for people who live in Spain, Morocco, and countries...

I have done tiles for people who live in Spain, Morocco, and countries where it is a lot hotter. Yes, if you live in a warm climate, it might be alright, especially if they are sheltered against a wall.

I would never recommend using them outdoors if you live in a climate where freezing temperatures are common. When the clay and the glaze contract at different rates, then it cracks. So, if it is exposed to repeated freezing and soaring, that messes up the tiles. I would only use them outside if there were no hard frosts.

You could use tiles as part of a water feature, like part of a fountain or something. You could use them to put the family name on the house. You could also create a mural that depicts a local scenery. It is like putting a painting outside really.

The one I did for a client in Spain was about a local legend. It was a woman driving a chariot with horses across a sky full of lightening and thunder. It was a large mural, about 1 m x 50 m.

It was lovely, I think they were going to put it into a wall that they were building on the front of the house.

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