Can You Recycle Cell Phones?

Can you recycle cell phones? Cell phones can definitely be recycled. Contact your wireless provider to find drop-off centers. Gerry Acuna, the president of Tri Recycling Inc., who has been involved in recycling...

Gerry Acuna, the president of Tri Recycling Inc., who has been involved in recycling for 12 years, says yes.

"Cell phones are recyclable. You should know, though, that the battery is recycled separately. Most places will accept the battery also, but the recycling of a battery is a little bit different from that of the phone itself."

In fact, because it is so important that cell phones recycled responsibly, many organizations have developed creative ways to acquire them.

The Recycling Alliance is a program that helps various organizations fundraise by collecting used cell phones.

"Recycling Alliance was established to offer local community organizations a viable, profitable fundraising option. Four years later, we still hold true to our 'founding principles': accountability, individualized attention to each participant, and responsiveness," reads a statement on their website.

By reusing phones that have been donated, they keep old, used phones out of our landfills.

In addition, they accept all parts of used cell phones, including the batteries, to ensure that they are disposed of in a proper, environmentally safe way.

For more information about their program, visit their website at

The experts at explain what happens to cell phones once they are donated to their organization.

"Cell phones that are working, or that can be economically repaired, are refurbished and put back in use, often by people in developing countries in South America. In developing areas that do not yet have telephone service to the public, it is often more economical and environmentally friendly to set up a cellular phone network than to run cables to every home affected by poverty."
If your used phones aren't in working condition, however, they'll need to be disposed of in a way that won't spread the toxins that may be contained in them.
The website notes, "This recycling process is only feasible when done in large quantities. Donating your used cell phones to an organization that is running a cell phone collection drive will ensure the fastest and cheapest way to get them into the recycling stream."
You can donate your used phone to the American Cell Phone Drive at designated drop boxes in your community (find those by entering your zip code on their website). If there isn't a location close to you, the organization will give you a pre-paid label to ship your phone.
Websites that offer similar services are, and
However, if you're looking to personally profit from your donation, visit
"We provide a safe alternative to discard old cell phones while businesses, charitable organizations, and individuals can be benefit from the program," reads a portion of their mission statement.

How much you receive for your used cell phone depends on the make, model, age and condition of it.

You can also utilize for a similar deal.

At Collective Good Mobile Phone Recycling, you can select which charitable organization you'd like your phone to be donated to and then receive a tax credit once it has been accepted. Even the shipping costs to the organization are tax deductible. Visit for additional information.

In conclusion, you should have no trouble donating your used cell phone to an environmentally conscious organization,and you may even receive payment for it.

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