Where Can I Recycle Tree Limbs And Shrubs?

Where can I recycle tree limbs and shrubs? Recycling tree limbs and shrubs can be done at your local recycling center. You can also get free mulch from the recycling center, made from your tree limbs and shrubs.

Grass clippings, tree trimmings and other brush and yard waste make up a significant percentage of the total amount of waste people create each year. While it is natural and breaks down relatively easy, it can still take up valuable space in our already very full landfills. That is why recycling your brush is the better way to dispose of it.

According to Tracy Herring, Supervisor for the City of Round Rock Environmental Services in Round Rock, Texas, "Most recycling centers also operate a brush recycling center." Chances are your local recycling facility can and will take your brush and recycle it for you so you don't have to throw it away. It is easy to do and will help keep landfills clear for other waste.

Some centers require you to drop it off; others offer a curbside pickup for brush. Some centers also prefer tree branches and brush over grass clippings while others have no preference. You should get in touch with your local center to see what they prefer and what services they offer. Donating your yard waste could be easier than you had ever imagined.

You might be asking yourself, what would my recycling center do with my yard waste? Typically, a recycling center will take the brush and break it down into mulch. The mulch is then given back to the community for free. Herring says of her facility, "When [the brush] gets recycled, it gets turned into mulch. The mulch is available free back to the Round Rock residents." You just need to show some proof of residence in your town, such as a utility bill.

The free mulch is a great benefit for donating your brush to be recycled. Mulch helps soil to retain moisture and helps to reduce erosion of soil. Your yard will benefit greatly from mulch, and your city will provide it for free! Your recycled brush will also help many other people do good for their yard as well.

Another option for recycling yard waste is to compost it. You can donate to your recycling center's compost collection if they have one, or you can start your own compost pile at home. Composting is easy to do and provides nutrient-rich soil you can use or give to friends to make a healthy, beautiful yard. Best of all, you keep yard waste out of landfills and reuse it for something else.

Composting only involves building a compost bin or reserving a corner of your yard for your compost pile. You put yard waste on it, but also other natural household wastes such as fruit peels or vegetable clippings. You periodically stir up the pile and it naturally breaks down creating healthy soil full of nutrients that will foster great plant growth.

Call or email your local recycling center to find out what their policies are on yard waste. You will feel good knowing you helped the environment and your community with your donated brush, all the while getting rid of your own unwanted waste.

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