Where Can I Find Replacement Pieces For My Noritake China?

Where can I find replacement pieces for my Noritake china? Replacements Limited and the Noritake service center are excellent places to find replacement Noritake pieces. The first thing that people can do...

The first thing that people can do is call 888 Noritake to find replacements of their Noritake dinnerware because we carry a lot of things particularly from the 90s and even back into the 80s. We have stock. We have a big supply that stuff in our service center warehouse in Savannah, Georgia and what they do is they mail order to home... just give them your credit card number and they ship it out within 2-3 days. We get an awful lot of people who got dinnerware in the 50s, in the 60s, in the 30s; those are the kind of pieces that we don't carry anymore. The most, we probably have some stuff from the mid 80s, but before that, if you got it before that, you probably have to go to Replacements Limited.

Replacements Limited is the most incredible business that I can think of anywhere... I mean they are totally unique... they totally dominate the world of collectables they have, literally millions and millions of pieces of china they constantly buy more. They basically kind of corner the market. So if you want to find the dinnerware and you want to find one source... one stop shopping to find your set Replacements Limited is the place to start. Its just some people say well our prices are a little high so they want to try other resources and again setyourtable.com is a good resource for finding a lot of smaller stores that have it. There is one in Massachusetts, there is one in Illinois, and there is one in California, its pretty good at Noritake replacements. But I would certainly highly endorse Replacements Limited, very reputable company. Of course E-bay is the other one, it is just terrific. people might have dinnerware that is from another state that they just want to sell because it was grandmother's and they don't want it anymore... whatever might be or they got it passed down to them, but their taste are a little bit different or they don't want china whatever might be. So E-bay is also terrific.

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