How Can I Get Rid Of Moles?

Moles can be very destructive. Learn how to get rid of these pest safety by reading this article.

Moles can wreak havoc in a lawn or garden, creating unsightly mounds and tunnels wherever they go. They blindly dig, foraging for grubs, worms, larvae, and other insects. Moles do a great job of aerating the soil and killing insects, but the damage they do far outweighs any benefits.

People have tried various methods for getting rid of moles. Some of these methods are dangerous and just don't work. Traps that kill moles are the most efficient devices for getting rid of moles in your yard. There are also live traps that can be used to capture moles and safely move them to another location. The best way to catch or kill moles is to strategically place traps on the mole's main tunnel. You can find the main tunnel by stamping down the raised soil and taking note of the tunnels that are repaired in a couple of days. This is where you want to place the traps.

Methods involving poisons and chemicals just don't work, and using them may poison household pets, squirrels, birds, and other wildlife. They can also damage the environment by getting into ground water.

Killing the grubs and insects in your lawn may help get rid of moles. If food isn't available, they may move on to another location. There are insecticides available for your lawn and garden. If you try these products, pay close attention to label directions to protect children and pets.

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