How Can I Find The Right Job For Me

I need a new job? How can I find the right job for me? All the information you need is right here!

You are working a nine to five job. You get a paycheck every week, but that is about all that you get from this job. You wish there were a better way to make a decent living, but you feel trapped. You don't want to risk yours and your family's futures by losing your only source of income, so you have just keep quiet and drag through each work day, praying feverishly for the weekend to get here faster.

There are more people than you probably realize who find themselves smack dab in the middle of the above scenario. If you are one of these people, then read on and find how you can set yourself free and find the happiness you deserve!

First, sit down and make a list of all of the assets you have to offer. Include any education that you have, hands on experience, and any other skills that you have. These skills might include personal strengths such as good organization, an eye for details, good mathematical skills, you are able to work by yourself with little supervision, you are a self-starter, etc.

Next, think about what you like to do or what you would like to do and make a list. Your list might include taking care of animals, working outdoors, working with numbers and figures, cooking food, baking, cleaning, fishing, woodworking, etc.

Next, equipped with your list of possible jobs, you will need to research some jobs and find out what they entail. You can check with your high guidance counselor and gain valuable information on how to research some job areas that you are interested in. Check with your local public librarian too. And don't forget to search the Internet. Find out and write down some common job titles and their general responsibilities. Different companies will have different job descriptions, but this will give you at least a general idea to go on. Decide on two or three jobs that you would be interested in and then search further to find out what the prerequisites are for the jobs. Do you currently have education in this area? Do you have previous experience? Could you possibly get a job that interests you and then learn on-the-job and receive the necessary training that way?

Finally, ask friends and family members who work in the fields that you have chosen. Find out where they work, what they do, and how they got the job. Check with area colleges and technical centers to find out what kind of classes they offer for a job you are interested in that requires an educational background. Some companies will hire a person, and then allow the person to attend night classes to receive the education that they need. Some companies will even pay for a part or all of the costs of the courses.

Whatever field you decide to get into, do not wait another day to find out what else the world has to offer outside of the walls that you are currently in.

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